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The Nail Polish range from Nail Inc. at Lookfantastic is simply a nail lover's dream; with a fabulous and extensive range of colours that strive to meet your every need.
New from Nails Inc. brings you the latest colours straight from the catwalk to ensure that you're ahead of the game and setting all the trends.
Magnetic Nail Polish allows you to create awe inspiring designs effortlessly; revolutionary formulas create designs never seen before.
Crackle Nail Polish is 2012's biggest nail trend, smashing its way through with a host of bold and beautiful shades that work with any base colour to create unique designs with every application.
The Cruise Collection blasts the highest fashion chords from the catwalk of 2010. With metallic cold colours that contrast perfectly with your skin tone for a futuristic and harsh finish.
Pink & Berry Shades put you in a flutter with a collection of creamy and vibrant fruity shades that can take you from pretty pink to beautiful berry in seconds.
Glitter Nail Polish gets you off to a great start any day of the week by injecting glitz and glam into your everyday look.
Nails Inc. Neon Nail Polish pops off your nails to instantly brighten your day with flirtatious and bold shades.
Crystal Colour Collection dazzles and sparkles with delicious shades that really take your nails into new territories.
Red & Orange Shades range from deep, sultry ruby shades to vibrant, juicy corals that really stand out on your nails, providing you with a classic and beautiful finish.
The Other Shades that we have on offer digress from gorgeous greens to beautiful blues that supply colour and stunning finishes for your nails.
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