Ceramide Skincare

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Nourish, repair and soothe your skin with our selection of ceramide skincare. Found in an array of products including cleansers, eye creams, masks and moisturisers, these hero ingredients are every dry skin sufferer's dream. Because not only do they replenish your skin's moisture barrier, but they also lock in all-day moisture too, meaning you can say goodbye to patchy, flaky and cracked skin for good.

Ceramides are fatty acids that work as the building blocks of your skin, providing long-term moisture to dehydrated skin while also strengthening it too. They even form a protective layer to shield your complexion from environmental aggressors. The results? Plumper, brighter and healthier skin.

And as for anti-ageing, they've been proven to minimise fine lines and keep skin firm and supple, just like the Medik8 Advanced Night Restore does.

Suffer with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis? Ceramides should be a key ingredient in your skincare arsenal too. Because they provide the skin with deep hydration, they're great at providing instant relief to itchy and flaky skin. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is perfect for any of these conditions.

The good news is, ceramides can be used with all skincare ingredients, so they slot effortlessly into your routine. Just apply any creams or serums after cleansing for the best results.
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