Scented Candles

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Enjoy the difference a scented candle can make to your home

Transform any room into a relaxing haven by lighting one of these scented candles. With candles of all sizes, you can buy the ideal product to heighten your sensory pleasure without overpowering or underwhelming. From pomegranate, bluebell, mandarin, pear, and rose to cedar, orange blossom, bergamot, smoked leather and every scent in between, you can discover your new favourite scent right here. Refresh, invigorate, refine or soothe. How you change your environment is completely down to the candle you choose.

Whether you want a single large candle to sit as a centerpiece, or are looking for a set of complementary smaller candles to gift to someone you know, you can find all of the scented candles you need in one convenient place. Prices start as low as £5 for a long-lasting, impactful scent as long as the wick is burning. You can buy one wick, three-wick, or even crackle wick candles - whatever takes your fancy.

Alongside the range of scented candles, why not also indulge yourself in a scented array? Simply spritz around the room and enjoy your new calming environment. Shop the full range of our scented candles today.

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