Face Balms

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Soothing, healing and comforting, these face balms give new life to tired skin. From repairing, firming and nourishing to multi-purpose we've got them all here.

Face balm can help to smooth and heal skin as well as restore hydration back into your lips and other dry areas of your face. Apply your face balm of your choice all over onto freshly cleansed skin. Use daily or when needed for a fresh, nourished complexion.

The consistency of a face balm will change when in contact with the warmth of your skin, transforming from a solidified oil or butter to a liquid. Unlike moisturisers, face balms are anhydrous - as they don't contain water; making them ideal for people with really dry and flaky skin. Face balms are also great for skin in need of intense repair from sun damage, especially when applied at night before bed.

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