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5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re newly single

5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re newly single
Alice Macfarlane
Beauty Writer1 year ago
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As Valentine's approaches, those who aren't in a romantic relationship may be feeling a huge amount of pressure surrounding the big day. But as a global celebration of love in its many forms, there are many ways to make the moment unique and special, regardless of your relationship status.

"Valentine's is a day to celebrate love, love is everywhere!" Explains Millie Shields, sex and confidence coach, and author of The Healthy Single Girl Guide. "From your family to your friends, these relationships have shaped you as a person up until this point, so these are the relationships we should continuously be looking to nourish and cherish!"

"It's understandable to feel pressure at this time of year. Validate your feelings, it's okay to feel the way you do, but also understand that being single is so empowering. Change and work on your mindset around this narrative!"

Millie Shields, sex and confidence coach

learning to enjoy your own company is extremely beneficial for your mental health and self esteem

According to Millie, being single has more benefits than you may think. "Understand that learning to enjoy your own company is extremely beneficial for your mental health and self esteem, and you learn so much about yourself" she explains. "The confidence this will give you is unmatched. You will be reassured that you don’t need anyone, you’re whole all by yourself and that is incredible!"

Unsure how to spend your February 14th as a singleton? Millie shares her top five ways to celebrate love in its many forms this Valentine's.

Self care day

"Start the day by doing all your favourite things, make your favourite breakfast, speak to those who make you feel good, have a relaxing bath, go to the gym. Whatever makes YOU feel good!"

"Treat yourself as the priority you are, knowing you can do all these things for yourself and make yourself happy alone will give you a serotonin boost!"

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Spend your day with friends, or make time for ‘galentine's’

"Knowing you’ve got great, supportive friends around you can be one of the most uplifting things, my friends carried me through my break up and to nourish and strengthen your friend connections can be so powerful."

Galentine's kit

Cook with your family

"Valentine's is a time for love and what better kind of love to celebrate than the unconditional kind? Families are so important, so suggest cooking a meal as a team, and possibly even bake a dessert together! This will make room for more gratitude about the relationships in your life."

Enjoy some solo time

"Have a sexy movie night in to yourself. Treat yourself to some well needed ‘you’ time. Pleasure is something that can boost your self esteem and if you’re newly single, you might be craving that little boost! Before you reach to text your ex because of all the love hormones in the air, reach for your bedside table drawer first!"

Try something new

"Whether this be with a friend, a family member or even alone. Try something new, whatever that may be, a new hairstyle, a new recipe or even a new fitness routine, the ability to throw yourself in the deep end with something new can give you a big confidence boost, you can do this!"


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