Second Day Hair Saviours

Second Day Hair Saviours

Some mornings it just doesn’t feel possible to wash and style your hair all over again, especially the day after a party. If you want to get your second day hair looking fresh again, these are the products we swear by.

5 Morning After Hair Saviours

  1. To Absorb Oil
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    To Absorb Oil

    Used backstage at Fashion Week, this Wella Dry Shampoo is amazing.

    It uses Tapioca Starch to absorb any excess oils, leaving hair bouncy and fresh.

    To get the perfect results, we just shake and spritz all over our hair before we do our makeup. Then, once it has had time to work its magic, just brush through and style.

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  2. To Reshape Curls
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    To Reshape Curls

    The Bumble and Bumble BB Curl Pre/Re Style Primer is a lifesaver on busy mornings.

    If your curls have become flat or misshapen overnight, just spray this all over and then let dry as usual.

    It helps redefine your curls and manage frizz, without weighing your hair down or making it feel greasy.

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  3. To Add Volume
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    To Add Volume

    This Texturising Volume Spray from Label.m is one of the quickest way to add a little ‘oomph’ to your hair.

    If you tend to wake up with your locks looking limp, then this is what you need. It instantly gives roots a lift, for that ‘fresh out of the salon’ blow dry effect.

    They even have a brunette version to make sure your colour is left rich and dark!

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  4. To Add Shine
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    To Add Shine

    If you’re looking to add some gloss and shine to your hair the next day, then you need to try the TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray.

    It smells incredible and leaves a beautiful gloss on your hair with just a couple of sprays.

    We love that it works brilliantly for fine hair and feels less heavy than hair oils.

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  5. To Freshen Up
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    To Freshen Up

    If you want to make sure your hair smells beautifully fresh and gorgeous, then you need to get your hands on the Balmain Hair Silk Perfume.

    With nourishing oils rather than drying alcohol, it is scented with Balmain’s signature fragrance and specially designed to use on your hair.

    This is the ultimate touch of luxe for your morning routine.

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