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History of Avène

Team LF
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Dermatology has always been at the heart of Avène Thermal Spring Water and since the first Hydrotherapy Centre in 1743, many dermatological conditions ranging from atopic dermatitis to psoriasis, eczema and burns have been treated successfully.  Follow the timeline below and find out all about the history of where it all began and why we still love the Eau Thermale Avène!

Avene History


1736:  Saint-Odile spring was discovered 279 years ago.

1743:  7 years after its discovery, the first skin treatment centre was opened in Avène near the spring.

1874:  After more than a century worth of successful treatments, the Avène Thermal Spring Water was officially recognised by the French Academy of Medicine for its dermatological properties.

1871:  The Avène Thermal Spring Water was exported to Chicago for the burn victims of the great fire.

1990:  A brand new Dermatological Hydrotherapy Centre was launched neighbouring the old preserved baths.

2003:  The underground mountain lakes of Avène are still flourishing and a new unique microflora was discovered which as a result has enhanced the soothing and anti-irritating properties of the Avène Thermal Spring Water.

2011-2013:  Development and Launch of Xeracalm A.D in France which is based on a breakthrough biotechnology-inspired ingredient called I-modulia? which has clinically proven to alleviate itchiness by up to 97%.

2015:  The launch of Diolènyl? which is the first dermo-cosmetic pro-drug specially designed for acne-prone skin.  It targets the bacteria responsible for acne without stripping the skin.

Now that you have read all about this great history, find out more about the unique complex that forms the Avène Thermal SpringWater and its amazing benefits ranging from soothing and anti-irritation.

If you have any further questions about the brand or would like to know more about the products then leave a comment below or you can email me at

Team LF
Writer and expert
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