Beauty Discoveries: L is for L’Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier Masque

Beauty Discoveries: L is for L’Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier Masque

We are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with our 13 days of lookfantastic Beauty Discoveries

Between Christmas and New Year, there can be a bit of a lull with all of the excitement of Christmas Day having come to an end, so we are bringing back the magic with our beauty discoveries! If you are still on the hunt for some winter-worthy makeup, skincare and haircare that will put the spring in your step, then keep tuned as we have 13 of the best beauty products around.

The L’Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier Masque

To begin our Beauty Discovery blog campaign, we are beginning from the top with a gorgeous hair mask. During the winter months, and especially between Christmas and New Year when you need to look your best for the party season, hair masks are not little luxuries, but beauty essentials to be used twice a week.

Although this mask has been formulated especially to nourish dry and parched locks, it can be used on all hair types to bring a little life and shine back into dull hair. It contains a blend of 2 key ingredients including Glycerol and Coconut Oil to deeply hydrate and combat the dreaded winter dryness.

This mask is great to be used as a deep conditioning treatment once a week in place of your regular conditioner!


Glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning that it draws in moisture and retains it, keeping hydration firmly within the hair’s fibres. Once the moisture has been drawn in, it then forms a natural barrier to help the hair stay moisturised and nourished, even through cold and dry temperatures.

As Glyercin is naturally moisturising, it also helps your scalp to remain flake-free too. When massaging this mask into your hair, make sure you also apply it to your scalp so that the delicate skin there can benefit from its hydrating properties.

Coconut Oil

You might think of Coconut Oil as a very heavy ingredient, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, when it is used amongst other ingredients, such as in this mask, it tends to be lighter and so won’t weigh the hair down or make it become greasy.

Coconut Oil itself is super rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, nourishing the hair all the way from the shaft to the ends, making it super soft and shiny. If you are suffering from dullness or limp locks, chances are that your hair is dry (especially in the winter months), so adding in this mask will help to combat that.

Your Winter Haircare Routine

This mask is brilliant to use at least twice a week when you’re relaxing in the bath, but the range also extends into a shampoo and everyday conditioner to help keep your locks looking lovely.



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