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Revolutionary Skincare Routines with Dr. Lancer

Revolutionary Skincare Routines with Dr. Lancer
Team LF
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Dr. Lancer is known as the skincare guru to the stars, with celebrity clients including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian. While I may not live in Hollywood and have access to his clinic on my doorstep, I was lucky enough to have a Skype skin consultation with him; discussing everything I need to know about maintaining a healthy complexion and achieving that famous "Lancer Glow."

Dr. Lancer's recommended routine is revolutionary in the industry. He recommends exfoliation once a day, to effectively remove stubborn dirt, oil and impurity build-up that simply can't be washed away with cleansing. He likens the scenario to building a road...if you were to relay the surface of a road, you wouldn't simply pave over it, but remove every cobble, clean the area and then relay fresh paving. Dr. Lancer believes this is how your skin should be treated too. By exfoliating away dead cells, your skin can be thoroughly cleansed and your complexion will look much better and healthier.

My Heritage And Family Lineage

This was the first topic of discussion as this is what is discussed in an initial consultation with Dr. Lancer. The reasoning behind this is that you would never go into a hospital operation without first discussing your medical and family history, so your skin should receive the same treatment. A fair skinned person may have an ancestor with a dark complexion, and therefore doesn’t behave in the traditional way fair skin does.

In my case, Dr. Lancer diagnosed my ancestry as number 1 on the Lancer Ethnicity Scale, which means I am of Northern European heritage, with fair skin that burns easily and can have areas of sensitivity. This would mean that I need to introduce products gradually and take extra care in the sun.

Skin Ancestry is so important for understanding the needs of your skin and prescribing the right products and treatment options – Dr. Lancer

The Prescribed Method

Based on my family ancestry and medical history, Dr. Lancer recommended a range of products and how often I should be using them to help give me a glowing complexion.

Firstly, he recommended the Sensitive Polish as exfoliants can sometimes cause too much irritation on my skin, so the Sensitive version will still exfoliate without upsetting the balance. He then recommended the normal Cleanse and Nourish to complete The Method and keep my skin healthy.

Use the Polish in the shower as it works much better than using it over the sink. If you shower in the morning, use it then, if you shower at night, exfoliate your skin then. Trust me, you will notice the difference – Dr. Lancer

He then recommended me to add in the Advanced C Radiance Cream after a couple of weeks into my morning routine to help awaken my skin and add in essential vitamins for the colder weather.

I asked him about Retinol and whether it was an important ingredient to use, especially on younger skin, and Dr. Lancer replied that Retinol is actually brilliant at keeping the skin tone even and balanced. His Younger Pure Youth Serum has been formulated with a special complex that delivers Retinol in a gentler form so even the most sensitive of skin types, like mine can use it.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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