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How to get Lily Collins Eyebrows

How to get Lily Collins Eyebrows
Team LF
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Lily Collins has gorgeously full and defined eyebrows, and here at Lookfantastic, we can't help but be a little envious when we see them. They even have their own Instagram account! In honour of Lily's birthday today, we wanted to celebrate her well-known brows and give you some advice on how best to look after, shape and groom yours.

How to shape Eyebrows

Finding out where your natural eyebrow arch is, is essential to achieving a good shape. Firstly, you'll need an eyebrow pencil and a mirror so you can mark where your arch is.

  1. Place the eyebrow pencil at the tip of your nose and angle it to where you see your arch naturally reach up. This is where your arch lies so making sure to define this area will give you a good shape. Define with the pencil so you know where the spot is when you go back later to fill in.
  2. To find out where your eyebrow should end, place the same pencil at the tip of the nose and angle it till it reaches the outer corner of your eye. This is where the hair should stop.

Use an Eyebrow Powder

Using a powder to shade in your brows gives you greater control of the depth of colour and placement. Powder allows you to add in as much as you want, is easy to blend in and you can mix and match a selection of colours to achieve your natural shade.

  • Cooler toned skins such as porcelain should opt for ashier shades.
  • Golden toned and darker complexions suit warmer colours best.

We love to use the Hi-Impact Eye and Brow Perfecting Palette which has a range of 4 neutral shades to blend together to reach your natural shade. The application brush which is included ensures an even and easy application too.

If you do prefer to use eyebrow pencils, then the HD Brows Browtec Pencils come in 3 shades and are super blendable. Just remember to go light and use feathery strokes. You can always add in more colour!

Invest in an Eyebrow Brush

An eyebrow brush will keep your brows defined, neat and tidy throughout the day.

  • Brush your brows in the morning before applying any product so that the hair is all in one direction.
  • Use on the go for touch ups throughout the day to keep your brows tidy.

We love the Lancôme Double Ended Eyebrow Brush which has a spool and applicator to keep your brows in check all day.

We have lots of great eyebrow products on our website for you to discover.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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