Black-owned beauty brands at LOOKFANTASTIC

Black-owned beauty brands at LOOKFANTASTIC

Black culture has given the world some of its best music, most freeing forms of dance, most influential literature and most prominent fashion styles.

Black-owned businesses reshaped the beauty industry to make it more universal, introducing broader shade ranges to include everyone and celebrate individual beauty. Brave black women pioneered the natural hair movement, helping a generation of women to love who they are. We also have these creators to thank for some of the most iconic beauty trends, like baby hairs and super long nails.

Black is most definitely beautiful, as well as innovative, inspirational and ingenious.

Not only should black lives matter, they should be celebrated and cherished. We have so much to thank the black community for, and black creators should be uplifted so that their voices can be heard.

Let us introduce you to the black-owned beauty brands home to LOOKFANTASTIC and show you why they deserve your support.

1. Beauty Bakerie

Inspired by all things sweet and delicious, Beauty Bakerie is a makeup collection that really does cater to all skin tones. Aside from the hardworking ingredients, huge colour payoff and long-lasting formulations, the brand is founded in a desire to make the world a better place.

Cashmere Nicole, the CEO and founder, is a woman of inspiration. After struggling as a single teenage mother at 16 and surviving breast cancer, Cashmere developed a motto to live by: ‘better, not bitter’. Since her own time spent waiting in line for food stamps and donated coats, Cashmere has never forgotten to give back to those who are less fortunate.

The brand now supports over 40 orphans in Uganda through Cashmere’s ‘Sugar Homes’ project. Lovingly referred to as her Sugar Babies, Cashmere financially supports the children with their homes, food, schooling, clothing and toys. She is most involved with Hopeworth, a female-led orphanage in Uganda, where she is funding the construction for their new orphanage while supporting everyday costs.

Cashmere wants her consumers to know “that with every purchase, they are making a lasting impact on so many children’s lives around the world”. As if that wasn’t enough, this conscious brand is also cruelty-free and vegan, making Beauty Bakerie a shining example of what a corporation can achieve.

A powerful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Cashmere has built a company that is both inclusive and supportive. Committed to encouraging both men and women to feel empowered and beautiful, Beauty Bakerie was the first brand to recalibrate shades and order them from dark to light. Black-owned and lead, the beauty brand’s executive team is 75% black and the Board of Directors is also 60% black. Truly making change both within and without its doors, this phenomenal beauty brand is one to watch, support and admire.

Here are some of our favourite Beauty Bakerie products home to LOOKFANTASTIC:

2. Camille Rose

Janell Stephens, CEO and founder of Camille Rose, started brewing her haircare concoctions from her small kitchen in 2011. Quite literally homegrown, the mother of five used pure, organic and natural ingredients to meet the needs of her hair and body. A dedicated Vegan, Janell created each handmade product following the mantra that whatever you put on your body should be good enough to put in it. Taking a holistic approach to haircare, each batch is handcrafted with love to help you achieve the curls of your dreams.

What started out as a hobby was soon sought after by friends before morphing into a multi-million-dollar business in just three years. Never taking her good fortune for granted, Janell gives back to the community through the Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation. The charity helps women of colour and single mothers to become flourishing entrepreneurs, giving away $1000 a month to help with bills, expenses and day-care.

Shop the collection here on LOOKFANTASTIC:

3. UOMA Beauty

UOMA Beauty is reshaping the future of the beauty industry. Nigerian born founder, Sharon Chuter, is leading a beautiful rebellion, challenging the limitations of Eurocentric beauty standards with her creative makeup collections. UOMA Beauty rejects the outdated idea that everyone should look the same to be considered beautiful. Instead, her brand celebrates individuality, diversity and uniqueness, encouraging us all to stray from the status quo and find our own kind of beauty.

UOMA Beauty draws inspiration from the brand’s African roots, infusing the heritage with fierce modernity to create a truly fresh aesthetic. Inclusive and diverse, the beauty brand embraces all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, sizes and ages. With a ground-breaking 51 shades, this foundation collection really is ‘suitable for all skin types’.

Here are some of our favourite UOMA Beauty products:

4. Boucleme

Born out of an authentic love and respect for curls, Boucleme was created by one curly girl for others. Michele Scott-Lynch, the Founder and CEO, was on her own journey of hair discovery when Boucleme came to life. Created out of Michele’s desire to achieve frizz-free curls with all-natural ingredients, the brand is dedicated to plant-powered care, looking after your hair as nature intended. With a strict 0% policy, Boucleme’s formulas exclude silicones, parabens, sulphates, petroleum, PEGs, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances or colours. These nasty ingredients can dry out, damage and frizz your hair – so it’s best to avoid them.

A conscious brand, Boucleme also cares about the world around us. Sourced through fair trade, the ingredients are chosen to cause minimal impact to the environment. What’s more, all the packaging can be recycled and the ingredients are biodegradable. Always cruelty-free, the formulas are tested on real curls rather than animals. Also proudly British, Boucleme’s products are conceived, created and manufactured in the U.K.

Shop the Boucleme collection on LOOKFANTASTIC:

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