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Why red clay is our new favourite ingredient

Why red clay is our new favourite ingredient
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Clay has been a standout ingredient in many beauty routines for decades. Commonly saved for purifying and detoxifying treatments, clay can dramatically improve the overall clairty and appearance of your complexion.

Although there are many different types of clay used in beauty products, we have recently discovered the beautifying benefits of red clay.

Hailing from parts of France, Morocco and Brazil, red clay is rich in high levels of iron which is known to be wonderful for your skin. As with many clays, red clay contains minerals that soothe and balance the skin, absorbing excess oils and sebum but also has the added benefit of containing Iron Oxide, making it a particularly effective ingredient for purifying and strengthening the skin.

Especially wonderful for oily, blemish-prone skin types, red clay absorbs sebum build-up and clarifies your complexion without drying out your skin or leaving it feeling overly taut or dry.

Incorporating red clay into your beauty routine once or twice a week as a treatment could really see an improvement in the look and feel of your complexion.

bareMinerals Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser

Purify your skin and elimate impurities with the bareMinerals Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser. Enriched with Brazilian Red Clay and mineral-rich Sea Salts, the Purifying Cleanser lifts dirt, oils and impurities to leave the skin looking and feeling fresh and revived.

Blended with Papaya and Bamboo, the cleanser gently cleanses your skin, transforming from a rich clay into a soft, comforting cream. Ideal for those with oily, acne prone skin, the Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser reveals a clear, supple complexion.

G9SKIN Colour Clay Sheet - Tension Red

Treat your skin to a thorough detox with the G9SKIN Tension Red Colour Clay Sheet. The ten minute treatment adheres to the skin for maximum impact, working to minimise the appearance of visible pores and clear blackheads for a smooth, more refined complexion.

Harnessing the powers of Morrocan Red Clay and purifying Charcoal Powder, the Tension Red Sheet Mask dissolves dead skin and impurities on the surface of your skin, leaving your complexion refreshed and revived as Camellia and Rooibos Extracts work to improve the elasticity and plumpness of your skin.

ESPA Pink Hair & Scalp Mud

Detoxify your scalp and diminish product build up with the wonderful ESPA Pink Hair & Scalp Mud. The intensive, mineral-rich treatment stimulates your scalp and conditions your hair, working to improve the hair and vitality of both your hair and scalp.

Infused with Vitamin C-rich Watercress and purifying Red Clay, the Hair & Scalp Mud soothes and nourishes the scalp whilst Apricot Kernel Oil smoothes and hydrates your locks for hair that looks and feels stronger.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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