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Exploring Fragrance Notes with the Scent Edit

Exploring Fragrance Notes with the Scent Edit
Tom Roberts
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It can be hard to decipher the terminology surrounding fragrance, let alone the dazzling array of notes and accords linked to each scent. With this in mind, we’re giving you a handy how-to guide for choosing the right fragrance notes for you.

There’s only one thing to remember when exploring scent: the rule of three. Top notes, heart notes and base notes, this is known as the olfactory pyramid. Every fragrance can be broken down into these categories, and it makes choosing a beautiful perfume just that little bit easier. Every fragrance- even the most simplest perfume- blends at least three notes together that can be categorised into the above.

We’re going to explore the Summer Scent Edit notes in more detail below…

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum

This innovative fragrance captures the tradition of excellence of the fashion house. The lighter, alluring qualities of Jasmine Sambac give Good Girl its femininity and brightness. The darker side of Good Girl is created with a blend of fragrant cocoa and tonka bean. Addictive almond and coffee bring an immediate vibrancy while tuberose creates a rich delicacy.

Top Notes: Almond seeds come from the almond tree native to the Middle East and South Asia. Highly prized for their scent and flavor. Soft and succulent.

Heart Notes: Tuberose - An herbaceous plant native to Mexico with a distinctive, polarizing scent reminiscent of sweet flowers and warm skin. Creamy and powerful.

Jasmine Sambac - A night-blooming flower grown in India harvested manually at dawn. Ten million buds produce two pounds of Jasmine absolute. Sweet and dark.

Base Notes: Tonka Bean - Black, wrinkled seeds of the Dipteryx Odorata tree native to Central America. Also called Coumarin. Intoxicating and gourmand.

Cocoa - Cocoa beans are sourced from Cocoa pods, fruit of the Cocoa tree native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas. Luscious and bitter.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Eau de Parfum

Sensual, La Belle Eau de Parfum is sprayed on generously and seductively. From the top of the neckline to the intimacy of the wrists, its addictiveness will hug your elegant curves with a natural power of attraction. Encountering your trail is like biting into the addiction of this Green Oriental. On your bare skin or on your clothes, this Eau de Parfum sinfully captivates the senses. How can you resist the temptation?

Top Notes: Bergamot: A fresh and energizing start around a natural essential oil of Bergamot from Italy.

Heart Notes: Green Pear Accord: La Belle, Eau de Parfum has been created with a fruity and green start.  The bursting and radiant pear is melted in a green accord made of apple and fusing Bergamot. The green pear name has been given to illustrate the green facet of the fragrance.

Base Notes: Vanilla pod: For La Belle, the perfumers Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant selected the best quality of Vanilla, an Orpur resinoïde of Vanilla Pod to bring addiction and seduction. A super rich, intense and addictive Vanilla pod, naked, simple and true, reveals all its identity and facets, enhanced from top to down, barely censored by the radiant pear. The Vanilla is a natural ingredient from Madagascar. The perfumers selected an exclusive quality from a specific sourcing for shared value.

Givaudan has implemented an Ethical sourcing program for the supply of Vanilla beans in Madagascar.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Eau de Parfum

Scandal Eau de Parfum sprays on elegantly and generously, with no holding back. Dare to apply Jean Paul Gaultier femininity to all your seductive areas and pulse points: neck, cleavage and inner wrists. Rumor has it that it's hopelessly addictive. Whether on your skin or clothes, the explosion of flowers from this Eau de Parfum ignites scandals and bewilders the senses in your wake. Enveloped in your Scandal addiction, you’ll be sure to cause a sensation whenever you appear.

Top Notes: Honey: Overdose of pleasure

Honey. An ambivalent ingredient which is at the same time very sweet but also sexy. According to the perfumer’s words, “honey has also an animal note. On the olfactory level, we are on the verge of the disturbing, the intimate… but in any event, it’s fun!”

And in this fragrance, the perfumer worked from a honey from Jujubier, one of the finest honey in the world, from Yemen, which has particularly pronounced facets of caramel milkiness.

Heart Notes: Gardenia: Elegance

The Gardenia is luminous, airy and radiant; it highlights the femininity and the elegance of the fragrance and honey in a velvety and floral roundness.

Base Notes: Patchouli: Addiction

A woody-patchouli background, dark and sexy: an addiction that’s just so Jean Paul Gaultier as a base note. The patchouli here is essential to Scandal’s structure as a Gourmand CHYPRE. It was important to associate this excess of gourmandize with a vertical architecture, chic, sexy and a little racy. The perfumer used “patchoulol”, an extract taken from a purification of patchouli, making the patchouli notes more precise, sharper, more modern. And above all, here, it gives you the ticket entrance to the Scandal party…

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum

The Lady Million woman is dazzling, always seductive and playful. Lady Million holds all the cards. But she also has a trump card, her perfume, an absolute weapon to make a man lose all control and surrender to her. Lady Million therefore offers many nuances. The floral note remains on top but without ever being aggressive.

Top Notes: Vibrant and sensual, Lady Million is fresh, floral and woody, like a nectar of voluptuous flowers, trailing delicately but still very present. Powerfully seductive, the sparkle of bitter orange with a touch of raspberry reveals the first breath.

Heart Notes: A burst of neroli follows, smooth and bright. But then the lethal weapon of heady orange blossom slips out of its sheath. Its narcotic sweetness bewitches and grabs all attention. Then, joining with Arabian Jasmine underlined by gardenia, the blend soars into something more carnal, yet ever subtle.

Base Notes: Now the obsessive pulsing of patchouli enters the fray, pacifying the honey with and addictive and terribly tempting sweetness. Amber spreads to become all enveloping, floating around the beauty, following each movement and offering its most beautiful facets, like a play of light on a diamond.

Paco Rabanne Olympea Blossom Eau de Parfum

Paying homage to all women, Paco Rabanne’s Olympea is reborn with a more floral twist. The Blossom Eau de Parfum combines floral and fresh notes to encapsulate feminine radiance and confidence, creating a delicate balance between power and romance.

Top Notes: A divine duel between refreshing petals and deep sensuality. First, a peppery burst of fresh roses mingles with a sorbet of tangy blackcurrant. Spicy notes and rounded, frosty pear contrast with this floral punch.

Heart Notes: The lightness of the flower then settles into an ultra-sexy contrast, where tender vanilla blends with cashmere wood.

Base Notes: A perfume with a musky trail that ensures a long-lasting fragrance, creating osmosis with the skin.

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