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Dive into the best marine-inspired skincare and algae beauty…

Dive into the best marine-inspired skincare and algae beauty…
Team LF
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Marine skincare and beauty products are packed with lots of beneficial ingredients to hydrate, plump-up and keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Algae for example, is incredibly rich in humectants which draw moisture into the skin and prevent water from escaping; perfect for dehydrated complexions.

Sea salt on the other hand is naturally abrasive, making it perfect for use in body scrubs to combat cellulite and detoxify the skin.

What marine ingredients should I look out for?

  • Padina Pavonica - Perfect for dehydrated complexions, Padina Pavonica contains the humectant polysaccharides and fatty acids to moisturise and plump-up the skin.
  • Golden Seaweed - Rich in antioxidants, amino acids and conditioners, any type of seaweed helps to get the skin glowing and healthy.
  • Seawater - Seawater may sound as common as they come when it comes to ingredients, but it's packed with minerals that help to hydrate and balance the skin.
  • Microalgae - Touted as a superfood ingredient by many beauty brands, microalgae is packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals like astaxanthin to protect the skin against environmental damage.
  • Roaring Water Kelp - Rich in fatty acids, any kind of sea kelp helps to moisturise the skin and prevent further water loss.
  • Sea salt - Natural sea salt contains minerals which help to detoxify the skin. Plus, it acts as a natural exfoliant to slough away dead skin cells.
  • Marine collagen - This might not sound like the most luxurious ingredient (it's extracted from fish oils and scales), but it has incredible antioxidant properties to repair the skin and help slow down skin ageing.

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7 of the best marine skincare products

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (and in fact, the entire Marine collection) is undoubtedly one of the most well-known sea-inspired beauty products out there.

Made with powerful marine extract, Padina Pavonica, the cream helps to support cellular renewal and encourage soft, healthy skin and a luminiscent glow.

Pair with a few drops of the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil for a super-nourished and radiant treat. It contains Padina Pavonica, Golden Seaweed and Roaring Water Kelp, which feed the skin with nutrition and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

Zelens Marine Complex Deep Restorative Cream

A unique and potent blend of algae extracts and 17 active regenerative ingredients make up this powerful overnight treatment from Zelens, designed to revitalise the skin.

Not only was it the recipient of the "Best anti-ageing moisturiser" in Cosmopolitan's 2017 Beauty Awards, it has passed the lookfantastic seal of approval too.

A Marine Complex helps to refine the appearance and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also soothing sensitive and dehydrated complexions.

Anne Semoin Marine Toner

Made with mineral-rich seawater, the Anne Semoin Marine Toner helps to revitalise dull, sallow and tired complexions.

It also contains soothing rose water to help balance moisture levels, soothe redness and calm down any skin inflammation.

We like to use it on a cotton wool pad and sweep over the skin before applying a moisturiser.

Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Mask

Peter Thomas Roth is a well-known name in the skincare industry, and his Blue Marine Algae Mask is no exception.

Enriched with blue marine algae, which is a soothing and hydrating type of seaweed, the mask acts as a natural humectant to help shield the skin against dehydration and damage.

In addition, the cooling gel mask contains tea from the Korean island of Jeju and Arctic glacial water to plump-up the skin and moisturise. It's a true sunburnt skin saviour!

Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher

Omorovicza's Refining Facial Polisher contains marine microalgae to boost radiance and hydration within the skin's cells.

A gentle but powerful buffing product, the exfoliant contains exotic fruit extracts which are rich in acids to help slough away dead skin cells and impurities.

It also contains minerals calcium and magnesium to purify the skin and plump it up so it appears healthier and more radiant.

REN Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil

If like us, you still like to take a warm bath in the summer months, you will love REN's Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Bath Oil.

Infused with a 100% natural fragrance, the bath oil also contains Atlantic Kelp Extract, plankton extract and microalgae oil to soothe and energise the skin and make you feel relaxed.

We love to follow up with the REN Magnesium Body Cream, which helps to relieve muscle fatigue and chemical build-up.

ESPA Detoxifying Salt Scrub

For renewed skin and a reduction in cellulite, massage the ESPA Detoxifying Salt Scrub into your skin each night.

It contains a blend of natural sea salts, along with sweet almond oil, grapefruit and cypress to nourish, hydrate and delicately fragrance the skin.

Although it's suitable for all skin types, we find it works especially well on dry and rough bodies that need a little extra TLC.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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