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The Professional Beauty Must-Haves

The Professional Beauty Must-Haves
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Every makeup artist, nail technician, hairstylist and facialist has their essential beauty kit that goes way beyond just their brushes and products. We're sharing some of the unsung beauty heroes that no professional would be without.

8 Must-Haves for your Beauty Toolkit

  • 1.Eyelash Curlers

    Eyelash Curlers
    5 Stars 2 Reviews
    Mascara and false lashes can only do so much; pretty much every beauty pro we've ever talked to recommends using an eyelash curler to boost your makeup to the next level. Gently squeeze the curler on bare lashes before following with your mascara; we know you'll instantly notice how much it opens up the eyes and helps your lashes hold their curl so much longer. We love: Japonesque Power Curl Lash Curler. These will last you a lifetime with the replaceable pads.
  • 2.Tweezers

    5 Stars 2 Reviews
    Ok, so most of us have a pair of tweezers floating around somewhere in our bathrooms but your tweezers deserve a little bit of love. Not only are they an essential for touching up those brows, but they a must-have for applying false lashes perfectly. Look for stainless steel slant tip tweezers to get the best precision with usability. We love: Rubis Tweezers. They are like the Rolls Royce of tweezers; engineered to be perfectly aligned, with precision tips.
  • 3.A Facial Massager

    A Facial Massager
    4.35 Stars 40 Reviews
    Facial massage is an incredible way to boost your skin; it helps to enhance blood flow and encourage the drainage of toxins. Even makeup artists tend to use it on their clients before getting started on their look. A facial massager is the best way to ramp up your skincare regime. It mimics the movements of a professional facial, helping your skincare work its best magic. We love: The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facial Massager. The nodules and massage heads have been specially designed to replicate her signature massage techniques.
  • 4.A Magnifying Mirror

    A Magnifying Mirror
    4.6 Stars 5 Reviews
    Sometimes your beauty routine needs you to be able to get a close look at what you're doing and a magnifying mirror is amazing at helping you get the most precise results. Whether you're trying to remove the teeniest of brow hairs, get the perfect eyeliner flick or ensure your lipstick has the crispest edge, a magnifying mirror makes it so much easier. We love: Rio Illuminated Magnifying Cosmetic Mirror. The base means you don't need an extra hand to hold it, the light and magnification is incredible and it tilts to the perfect angles.
  • 5.A Spoolie Brush

    A Spoolie Brush
    5 Stars 2 Reviews
    Not the most glamorous of brushes, but an incredible workhorse, the spoolie brush is often overlooked. A spiral brush, they are an essential for grooming your brows; every makeup artist will brush brows out and into shape before starting to fill in. We also love them for brushing through eyelashes and separating mascara clumps. We love: bareMinerals Brow Master Brush. With a robust spoolie at one end and a dense brow brush at the other, this is the one-stop tool for gorgeous brow makeup.
  • 6.Tanning Mitts

    Tanning Mitts
    4.67 Stars 33 Reviews
    A tanning mitt works wonders for perfecting your skin before a special occasion. It is designed to hold product and evenly distribute it over the body. This means it is perfect for getting a streak-free tan but it also works amazingly for applying body makeup or oils. Just buff lightly over the skin and it will give a flawless look. We love: St. Tropez Applicator Mitt. It feels velvety soft, glides over the skin and even has a water-resistant barrier inside so it won't get tan or oil over your hands.
  • 7.A Crystal Nail File

    A Crystal Nail File
    4.84 Stars 61 Reviews
    A nail file is always in our handbags in case of nail emergencies, but the pros prefer a crystal nail file. These tend to be gentler on the nails than traditional emery boards, ideal for shaping nails without causing splitting. Plus, they can be washed and disinfected to keep them clean. We love: The Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. It comes with an aluminium case to keep it safe on the go and a lifetime guarantee too.
  • 8.A Makeup Case

    A Makeup Case
    There is no point in having all your makeup and beauty tools, without anywhere to keep them safe. Any beauty professional will always have a kit case, to organise their tools and keep them in the best condition ready to take wherever you need. We love: The Japonesque Train Case. With trays and adjustable dividers as well as plenty of room, this sturdy and pretty case will last you forever.

Want to find out more about makeup brushes and hair tools? We’ve broken down all the jargon so you can build your own pro beauty kit.

Writer and expert
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