“Cloudless Skin” is the latest K-Beauty trend (and will become your skincare goal)

“Cloudless Skin” is the latest K-Beauty trend (and will become your skincare goal)

We can’t keep up with the trends coming out of Korea. Glass-skin, J-Beauty, you name it, there’s a new K-Beauty trend every 10 seconds, and each one proves to be effective. So, when we heard about “cloudless skin”, let’s just say we were a little more than intrigued.

What is “Cloudless Skin”?

Although it’s quite an ambiguous term, “Cloudless Skin” simply refers to a supreme state of skin health, which is the ultimate complexion condition for Korean women.

It refers to skin that is completely clear, free from blemishes and scarring, and naturally dewy (where the term “cloudless” comes into play). Unlike other K-Beauty trends, which centre around exterior beauty, “Cloudless Skin” also takes into account your emotional state, as it is believed that your inner wellbeing has a huge reflection on your outer appearance. Think about when you receive a complement or you spend a lovely day with your partner, you exude a certain happiness that can’t be found anywhere else.

How do I get “Cloudless Skin”?

To help achieve “Cloudless Skin”, you’ll still need a stellar skincare routine, alongside healthy lifestyle habits.

Choose a diet rich in Vitamins A & C, both of which are instrumental in keeping skin healthy, protected and glowing. Dark, leafy greens such as cabbage and kale are brilliant additions to any “Cloudless Skin” diet, as well as raw carrots. Raw carrots although packed full of beta-carotene, convert to Vitamin A in the body, a natural form of retinol for skin that is free from fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, foods such as sweet potatoes and oatmeal are essential for healthy skin as they are low-glycemic foods which don’t cause spikes in insulin (responsible for breaking down the collagen.) Discover more about why we love oatmeal here.

In your skincare routine, choose anti-pollution beauty products that help to fight environmental aggressors and daily elements. Discover more about our edit of the best pollution-fighting products on the blog.



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