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How To Apply Green Eye Makeup

How To Apply Green Eye Makeup
Alice Macfarlane
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Last Updated: 15th March 2023

Whether you have Irish heritage or not, most of us are likely to be sporting some form of green when St Patrick’s day comes around this week, and what better time to experiment with your makeup look?

Though green eye makeup may seem like an intimidatingly bright colour to apply, there are lots of ways you can incorporate green hues into your glam for an everyday look, or for a bolder finish. A brilliant shade to flatter lots of different eye colours, here are our top tips for going green with your makeup routine.

Top Green Eyeshadow Tips

Wear lighter shades for a paler complexion

Lighter shades of green can really complement fairer complexions. In fact, a wash of pastel green shades will help to brighten the eyes and enhance them. We love the shades Sage and Fringe in this Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette. This 15-pan palette of shimmer and matte hues blend muted greens and neutrals that are great for those venturing into colour for the first time. To add some extra dimension, complete your look with the Marlin shimmer shade.

Go bright for darker complexions

Brighter hues of green look great on darker complexions. These vivid shades will help your eyes stand out and define them a little more than usual. We love this Ultimate Brights palette from NYX Professional Makeup which contains brightly pigmented greens which are great for blending out and creating new shades each time. Begin by applying the lighter shade on the lid and adding the darker shades in the outer corners. You can build up the colours once you feel more confident with the bright shades!

Add a pop of colour with eyeliner

Another great way to add a touch of colour to your eye look is to use eyeliner. Start by applying at the top of the lash line and build up as necessary. It makes a great change to the usual black liner and will open your eyes. We love the Barry M Cosmetics Hi Vis Bold Waterproof Eyeliner in shade Strobe Light, featuring a creamy, glide on formula and a pigmented finish.

Add Shimmer

Adding a hint of green shimmer either on top of your green eyes or on its own can open them up and add definition. We love the shade Prickly in the Urban Decay Wild Greens Palette which is great for blending on top of your green shadow, boasting a creamy, blendable texture thanks to avocado oil.

Mix green with neutrals

Keeping your makeup simple when using green eyeshadow is a great way to make the colour pop. Simple skin and lips complement a bold eye look and avoid any colour clashing. This MAC Nude Lipstick Trio features three creamy nude tones with universal appeal to create a soft, neutral lip look to help your eyes stand out.


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Alice Macfarlane
Beauty Writer
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