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How to recreate David Beckham’s hairstyle: two looks with House 99

How to recreate David Beckham’s hairstyle: two looks with House 99
Team LF
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We've teamed up with House 99 to help inspire your grooming routine and help you to discover some new products to add to your collection.

Look #1: A great first impression

Whether it's date night or you're going for a job interview, make a great first impression with this messy crew cut hairstyle using all House 99 styling products.

1. Less is more

This is especially true when it comes to your hair. If, like David Beckham, you're sporting a shorter crop, you'll want to style your messy crew cut with minimal fuss. Start by taking a smidge of Change It Up Texturising Clay and warm it up between your palms thoroughly. Distribute the product evenly through slightly damp hair. Unless you're up against the clock, don't worry about blow drying - there's no need. Finish your by ruffling your hair for a messy finish. Avoid overdoing it or touching your hair too much to maintain a relaxed, fuss-free style.

2. Dress for the occassion

There's nothing harder than trying to be charming and the best version of you in ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothes. Comfort is king. For dates and interviews it is so important to wear something you feel comfortable in but still look presentable. Opt for you comfiest jeans and your favourite, best fitting shirt. You'll feel more like you and be more at ease no matter or tense the scenario.

3. Strictly no prickles

Whether you're going for a squeaky-clean shave or facial hair that has grown past the itchy-and-scratchy phase, keep your hairs super soft with the Softer Touch Beard Oil and you're ready to go.

Look #2: Laid back and casual

Perfect for gigs, festivals or a casual Sunday, this minimal-effort style created using House 99 products is the epitome of laid-back cool.

1. Soundcheck those tresses

Fluffy hair is the worst - especially if you have shoulder-length locks. To gain the upper-hand, start by cleansing your hair with the Twice As Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner to discipline even the most unruly of mops. Once your hair is dry, air-dry if you have time or blow-dry if you don't, squeeze a small amount of Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm into your palms. Work the product in between your palms and them through the lengths of your hair to the ends to add control and definiton.

Top-tip; if your hair is fine, use a little less product so you don’t wind up with lank locks. Similarly, thick hair may warrant a second helping. You can also twist the product into your hair to create more structure

2. Turn up the beard

It's now time to turn your attention to your facial hair. A well-maintained beard is the perfect partner to a cool, laid-back hairstyle. Reach for another helping of Beard & Hair Balm and use your fingers to work it through your beard, scruffing up then smoothing down as you go.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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