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The best eco-friendly beauty resolutions to make this New Year’s

The best eco-friendly beauty resolutions to make this New Year’s
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Being more sustainable is something we should be conscious of all year round, but what better time to give your beauty routine a mindful makeover than a fresh new start to the year.

From recyclable packaging to plastic-free products, we’re the proud home of a plethora of brands that place the planet at the forefront of their products. Discover our top tips on how to give your beauty stash a responsible refresh, as well as our favourite formulas to suit the job.

1) Sustainable packaging

Packaging has been the first point of call for many brands looking for a sustainable switch-up. Pioneers in pro-planet formulas, BYBI Beauty reveals, “95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use, and only 14% of plastic makes it to a recycling centre.” If you think that ratio sounds a little hard to bear, consider swapping to products made from recycled materials, or products housed in 100% recyclable packaging.

BYBI’s Glowcurrant Booster contains an innovative formula that promotes bright, healthy-looking skin, thanks to a glow-inducing blend of salicin, vitamins and fatty acids, plus upcycled blackcurrant seed oil, sourced from juicing industry waste. What’s more, the bottle is made from sugarcane, a renewable bioplastic that can be recycled at-home.

This year, look out for products that use alternatives to plastic packaging. We Are Paradoxx ensure its products arrive in aluminium packaging. The clever material can be recycled time after time, and no matter how often it gets recycled, it can be reused in the same form. That's right – it can be recycled infinitely!

The We Are Paradoxx Detox Scalp and Body Scrub is powered by celtic sea salt that helps to gently exfoliate the skin, removing impurities and leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

2) Recycle

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ is the mantra we learn at a very young age. Let it follow you to adulthood and make sure to properly recycle your beauty products. There are plenty of brands out there with returns or recycle schemes, as well as brands that house products in 100% recyclable packaging.

PURITO ensure all its product packaging is easy to recycle. They’re made from paper-based tubes, which contain 58% less plastic than standard packaging. Plus, PURITO products arrive in a biodegradable box made from upcycled sugarcane fibres, and the labels are printed with soy-based ink, making the packaging much easier to recycle.

PURITO’s Oat-in Calming Gel Cream is a soothing and balancing cream that helps to replenish moisture levels and comfort sensitive skin.

Ecooking’s packaging is also super easy to recycle. The brand’s packaging fill is made from corn, so can be recycled with water. If you’re in the mood for an Ecooking treat, the Face Scrub is infused with sweet almond seeds that help to buff away dead skin cells and replenish new skin using shea butter and sunflower oils.

3) Refill

Refills are an excellent way to cut down on excess packaging waste, often sold in handy, recyclable pouches. Rituals offer an array of refills for their aromatic range of spa-quality products for the home and body, including the Ritual of Ayurveda Refill Fragrance Sticks that help save 23% in C02 emissions, 34% in energy and uses 56% less water than re-purchasing a new product.

Rituals state, “Our refill concepts are not our only effort to reduce our material use. We also have reduced the amount of material in our existing packaging wherever possible. For example, all our iconic shower foams are contained in a lightweight can, reducing the use of aluminium by 10%. Over the years, we have also made our gift set packaging smaller and stopped using carton boxes for multiple products.”

Also offering refills for the majority of their cult-favourite haircare products, Kérastase have bottled up their very best formulas in less packaging than usual. The brand has switched to aluminium bottles, offering handy refill pouches to top up your favourite haircare products. Weakened, breakage-prone hair can benefit from the Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Refill Pouch and Bottle Bundle. If you’re a blonde that’s not having any fun, revive your tresses with the Blond Absolu Bain Lumière Refill Pouch and Refillable Bottle Bundle.

Making mindful routines luxurious, Armani Beauty present a selection of refillable products too. The Red Cushion Foundation Refill is designed to replenish your existing foundation compact, offering buildable coverage with a weightless feel. Set your look in place with the Luminous Silk Glow Powder Refill, perfect for use as a highlighter, bronzer or finishing powder. All out of your favourite fragrance? Simply top up your existing bottle with this Exclusive My Way Eau De Parfum Floral V150ml Refill.

4) Switch to cleansing bars

Like refills, switching to shampoo and conditioner bars is another efficient way to cut down on packaging waste. Cleansing bars are hailed as no-waste wonders, often housed in recyclable cardboard packaging. They live on your soap dish rather than in a plastic container, meaning once you’re all out of product, there’s nothing to throw away.

The weDo/ Professional No Plastic Shampoo Bar delivers an effective, hair-softening cleanse. It lasts up to 80 washes and is made from 95% natural-origin ingredients – a real crowd-pleasure in mindful routines!

“All our products are designed to be more eco-ethical, Vegan Society certified, and Cruelty Free International approved while delivering professional performance,” say weDo/. “Beyond the idea of ‘natural,’, we want the brand to be as responsible and holistic as possible. We strive to achieve this by not only looking at composition and quality of ingredients but also by looking at packaging sustainability, animal welfare, and overall human impact.”

grüum's Såpa Zero Plastic Patchouli and Sandalwood Body Bar is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and gently cleanses the body, leaving you with a fresh and uplifting scent on the skin. Free from packaging, the bar is travel-friendly and can be transported easily in a soap container.

5) Ditch the disposables

Single-use products, while convenient, aren’t the best way to champion your sustainable side. Instead, opt for products you can reuse time and time again.

The ESPA Home Waffle Cosmetic Removal Pads are the perfect cleansing companion, designed to remove makeup and daily impurities. Crafted with a soft terry cotton, the pads help achieve a gentle yet effective cleanse and can be easily washed with soap and water to be used over and over again.

Likewise, the MAGNITONE London Bamboo Microfibre Makeup Remover Swipes are a step in the sustainable direction, made from bamboo microfibre to help uplift product and impurities from the pores and remove stubborn eye makeup. Plus, they’re suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and can be easily washed in a washing machine.

You can also switch out your plastic toothbrush for a biodegradable toothbrush. The Waken Bamboo Toothbrush, like its name suggests, is made from natural bamboo, helping to care for both teeth and planet in equal measure.

6) Discover brands that give back

If you want to stay on top of your sustainable resolutions, supporting brands that give back to the earth is an easy way to make sure you stay on track. There are plenty of beauty brands out there who partake in eco-friendly initiatives, helping to preserve hair, skin and planet.


weDo/ has proudly partnered with Plastic Bank since the brand launched. Plastic Bank is a company that fights plastic pollution by building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities. “For every weDo/ product sold, 8 plastic bottles are removed from the environment, with the number of plastic bottles removed so far totalling over 14 million. This is something that will continue to happen, however this Earth Day we are also promising that for every new follower weDo/ gain on Instagram, 8 more plastic bottles will be removed from the environment.”


Biossance is the conscious beauty brand known for its innovative, squalane-powered formulas. Biossance ensure its squalane is ethically and sustainably sourced. What’s more, the clever ingredient is 100% derived from sugarcane – this is estimated to keep around 2 million sharks safe from liver harvesting every year.

Show the sharks your support and invest in responsibly-sourced squalane formulas from Biossance. The signature Squalane Oil is as hydrating as it is versatile, suitable for use on hair, skin and body. The plant-based, vegan formula replenishes from top-to-toe, while helping to preserve our natural eco-systems.


Caudalie is a proud member of ‘1% for the Planet’, an international organisation that is devoted to preventing greenwashing. Caudalie claim to be the first cosmetic contributor worldwide. The brand planted around 8 million trees by 2021, and have pledged a further goal of 10 million trees by 2023.

Caudalie prioritise natural-origin and organic ingredients. The brand's products place your skin’s integrity at the forefront of its formulas. The bestselling Beauty Elixir is designed to bestow a youthful glow, lending complexions a brighter appearance. Enriched with grape extracts and rosemary essential oil, the unique formula can be used as a revitalising face mist or as a setting spray over makeup.


Perfect for ocean-lovers (which we all ought to be), Biotherm are devoted to respecting aquatic life and eco-systems. In 2012, the brand created the Biotherm Water Lovers program, an initiative that helps to raise awareness about the threat of ocean plastic. The Water Lovers program is committed to creating new recycling technologies and minimising the brand’s environmental footprint on water and aquatic life.

Biotherm’s Life Plankton Elixir is powered by a 100% natural-origin probiotic fraction (known as Life Plankton™) to help soothe and support your skin barrier. Life Plankton™ is sustainably produced in France, and is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. The anti-ageing serum delivers an intense burst of hydration to thirsty skin for a fresh and supple complexion.

*The above information was taken from the respective brand’s official site. LOOKFANTASTIC hold no responsibility for the claims and does not testify the claims.

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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