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Pro in the Know: How to Master Cat Eye Eyeliner

Pro in the Know: How to Master Cat Eye Eyeliner
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Seen on everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Alexa Chung, a feline flick of liner is one of most classic makeup looks. However, it isn't the easiest skill to master. We've asked renowned makeup artist Daniel Sandler to share his tips for getting the perfect cat eye flick.

Daniel has worked as an international makeup artist for over 25 years, working with celebrities and huge brands. During this time he launched his eponymous makeup range, which has become known for its cult products and beautiful formulas.

Tips for Perfect Winged Liner

If you have very deep eyelid creases, or an extra fold, try a curvy flick, which will make eyes look bigger. A triangular-shaped flick works best if you have quite large eyes and are looking to add definition. Daniel Sandler

Want to get that gorgeous feline flick? Daniel has given us his top 3 tricks for getting your liner perfect every time:

  1. To create a perfectly straight line, draw little dashes close to the lash-line then go back filling in the gaps.
  2. To create an even flick at the outer edge, use a template to draw against. Some I've used are: sellotape (don’t stick it directly to skin, tear of a length and fold sticky sides together), a post-it note or a credit card .
  3. Create a perfect triangular shape by joining the top of your flick down to your lash-line, keeping it in line with the outer rim of your iris, then fill in the triangle with eyeliner.
Writer and expert
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