What you Need to Recover from Exercise

What you Need to Recover from Exercise

Having a regular workout is great for both the body and the soul, working your muscles and calming the mind. However, a difficult workout can also take its toll on your body, from aching muscles to congested skin. To help speed up your recovery, these are the products you need.

The Best Beauty Products to Help Recovery After Sport


This is what you need if your joints and muscles are feeling inflamed and sore. Just rub it in and the powerful combination of Menthol, Dragon's Blood, MSM, Arnica and Willowherb work to fight inflammation and instantly relieve. It is especially great to use to massage sore neck and shoulders.

Support recovery from within with a supplement. This protein-rich food supplement tastes like a chocolate shake but is packed with powerful ingredients that help support your metabolism and natural repairing processes, making it perfect to combine with an active lifestyle.

Skin can easily become congested and dull if not thoroughly cleansed of sweat. Give your skin a revitalising boost with this exfoliating cream. With natural acids, it helps to clarify the skin and reveal a glowing compelxion.

This is a must-have in your gym-bag, to keep aches and pains at bay. With Arnica and Horsetail extract, it helps calm and soothe the muscles. With the amazing rollerball applicator it is also brilliant for working out knots and tensions that can come after a difficult workout.

A great bodywash is essential for cleansing your skin and keeping it blemish free after exercising and sweating. This one from Zelens has been specially developed to help support your skin's natural functions, with 5 essential minerals including Magnesium and Zinc. It leaves skin looking fresh and feeling hydrated.

A hot bath can do wonders for recovery, soothing your body and giving you a chance to unwind. Boost its restorative powers with these bath salts- as well as the salts, they are packed with Arnica and Essential Pine Oil. Just shake into warm water to feel the benefits!

Still need to give your body a little more TLC? Read all about the best products for sore muscles and feel great in no time.



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