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Pro In The Know: What Is The Best Cleansing Technique?

Pro In The Know: What Is The Best Cleansing Technique?
Team LF
Writer and expert7 years ago
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We caught up with Emer, one of ELEMIS's Therapists who is a pro when it comes to all things skin related...

During my training as a beauty therapist, (all those many years ago!), the topic of deep cleansing was taught to us as a recommendation for a skin once every 2-4 weeks. It was seen to be a more aggressive action and predominantly for oily, congested skins.

As time has passed the need for more regular deep cleansing has greatly increased.

I for one love how make-up has evolved, delivering longer lasting, more resistant coverage and colour. However, combine this with the nasty smog, dirt and air pollution we are exposed to daily, the humble cleanser has a mighty job to do in our skincare routine, and so the need for deep cleansing increases!

What Is The Best Cleansing Technique For Healthy Skin?

The best evening cleansing technique is a daily deep double, yet gentle cleansing routine, followed by a skin compatible toner.

True to ELEMIS's philosophy we always work in respect of the skin, to enhance, help and improve. Deep cleansing should never mean compromising or aggravating the skin.

Step 1: Eyes and Lips

When wearing makeup, address the eyes separately with a purpose designed solution. The ELEMIS White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover is a great option! Using a small amount of product on damp cotton wool, allow it to sit on the eye before you gently tease the make-up down the lashes and away from the skin.

Step 2: First Cleanse

I love to take the bulk of my make-up off with the ELEMIS Smart Cleanse Micellar Water but you could equally use a milk cleanser if you prefer such as the Soothing Chamomile Cleanser.

Step 3: Second Cleanse

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm glides over the skin using an exquisite blend of oils with Rose and mimosa flower waxes. It simply melts and softens while it releases to lift away the dirt. You get all the therapy of this "spa in a jar" with its amazing symphony of essential oils. Applying a little water will then transform this balm-to-oil into a milky emulsion respecting the skin’s pH before you use a warm cloth to sweep it all away!

Combined with the layering of anti-ageing Marine Active Padina Pavonica, this balm is ideal for a sophisticated deep cleanse that supports the skin.

ELEMIS Nourishing Rich Cleansing Oil is another great option if you don’t like the texture of a balm!

Step 4: Tone

Selecting an alcohol free toner to refine the pores and set the skins pH is essential. ELEMIS have 3 to choose from, whether you have a more sensitive and dehydrated/dry or oily/combination skin type. Spritz directly to the face or onto some dry cotton wool to sweep around the face.

Remember how busy your skin is for you at night while you sleep: detoxifying, regenerating and renewing! So, cleansing and toning in the morning is so essential to give you a beautiful clean complexion ready for your hydration step.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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