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Scandinavian Beauty With Ole Henriksen

Scandinavian Beauty With Ole Henriksen
Team LF
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We caught up with Ole Henriksen and his team of experts to discuss all things Scandi, and how Ole's approach to beauty and skincare is truly unique.

On hand were the lovely Ole and Lauren, his skincare expert to give us all the secrets to great skin!

For the Ole seal of approval it doesn't just need to look good but it needs to feel like it's good for you too. This philosophy makes us all feel a little closer to the fresh faced look of a Scandinavian beauty.

The Ole Henriksen Approach To Beauty

Find your true values and be true to yourself

Even though Ole has lived in LA for many years and is  known as the facialist to the stars, he is still deeply rooted in his mother country of Denmark. He goes back often to see his friends and family, he hasn't lost his accent and he respects that a healthy diet, such as fresh berries every morning for breakfast, will illuminate his skin from within. An example of this is the 'brain fart' (his exact words!) which precipitated the launch of our Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. When Ole had a severe lesion on his forehead he didn't immediately reach for stitches or plastic surgery (only ever a few doors away in Beverly Hills!), he remembered what his mother had taught him about the benefits of natural medicine, as she worked in a pharmacy. She used organic Rosehip Seed Oil to repair the skin, and Ole's version also contains tangerine oil and lemongrass to give you that all important mental lift too.

Your health is your wealth

Denmark prides itself on being 'the happiest place on earth' and has been globally voted so on more than one occasion. With Sweden recently moving to a 6 hour working day and the rest of Scandinavia set to follow suit, the Danes pride themselves of having the right work/life balance. Balance is a central theme to the way Ole looks at skincare and each of his products uses both highly active ingredients as well as natural soothing botanicals to encourage the skin to balance itself. This, along with healing brightening elements provide the user with the signature 'Ole glow'.

When developing the award-winning Truth Serum Collagen Booster, he was advised that it wasn't the percentage of Vitamin C that was important but the stability of as many sources as possible. 3 of the 5 Vitamin C ingredients are plant based; Oranges, Grapefruits and Rosehip Seeds. Using these kind of ingredients set Ole apart and provide the user with an eco-luxury feel to their regime.

When you're in nature it nurtures your soul

Ole is all about revealing the natural beauty within by enhancing what you already have. He is always trying to find natural alternatives to sometimes scary trends in skincare. A great example of this is Sheer Transformation, which was his response to the over use of Hydro-Quinone in the late 70's and 80's. Ole found that by combining the natural ingredients of Maple Sugar and Green Pea Extract, he was able to not only able to improve the look of pigmentation but in some cases prevent it! This signature combination is present in our AM/PM moisturisers, and is now the number one selling moisturiser worldwide!

A happy face is a beautiful face - Ole Henriksen

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Writer and expert
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