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The benefits of water for your skin

The benefits of water for your skin
Holly James
Beauty Writer3 years ago
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Drinking more water is a top resolution at the top of everyone's list not only at new year but all year round. Though drinking the recommended amount of water each day (6-8 glasses) is super important for your overall health and does contribute to glowing skin, unfortunately, not all hydration reaches the skin's surface, leaving it dehydrated, dull and more prone to premature ageing. Just like drinking water to quench your thirst internally, applying a water based product topically helps to replenish moisture levels in the skin and, unlike some oil based products, won't clog pores.

Is water good for your skin?

Despite some myths that water can dry out the skin, it is actually one of the most effective moisturising ingredients and is commonly found in many skincare products. Water helps the skin absorb and maintain both moisture and the other skin-boosting ingredients within formulas.

What are the benefits of water for skin?

1. It's Hydrating

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, therefore it's no surprise that we need it to stay hydrated. Applying a water based skincare product delivers this hydration directly to the skin to ensure that it stays hydrated which in turn keeps the complexion looking fuller, brighter and glowing.

2. It absorbs quickly

Water based product, unlike oil based products, are extremely light weight on the skin and don't tend to leave any heavy residue or stickiness. These types of products are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling matte but moisturised and saving you time on your skincare routine. This makes them a better option for applying makeup on top of as it avoids that 'caked' feeling on the skin.

3. It's anti-ageing

Water is a great anti-ager as it increases the water content in the skin, plumping it out and reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Maintaining adequate moisture levels in the skin also guards against wrinkles forming from dryness and supports healthy collagen and elastin production.

4. It doesn't clog pores

A fantastic option for anyone with oily or acne prone skin, water based products don't block the pores. These H20 heroes hydrate without adding to oil production or leaving any greasy residue that can contribute to the formation of blemishes. Because of this, water based products are also a good option in the summer or when working out, when the skin produces more oil naturally.

Holly James
Beauty Writer
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