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REVIEW: Green & Spring

Team LF
Writer and expert12 years ago
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There’s nothing like a bit of beautiful packaging to us fall in love with a product. Of course, that’s not all we’re looking for, but it definitely helps! Luckily, for British brand Green & Spring, that’s not where the attraction stops. Inspired by the rolling countryside, Green & Spring products are blended using herbs and flowers native to the British Isles, so not only are they soothing and nurturing, they also smell wonderful. Here’s what the LF ladies thought…

Green & Spring Skincare Deep Face Scrub – tested by #LFHarriet

Do you always head for the fake tan to give yourself a little glow? You sound just like me! Winter has drained the remaining colour colour from my skin – but thankfully Green & Spring Deep Face Scrub helped decongest and restore its youthfulness leaving my complexion looking radiant as ever! The scrub is laced with tiny granules of walnut shell – after working into my skin for just over a minute the relaxing scent of sage and lavender filled the air. After washing off the scrub my skin felt baby soft to the touch and my pores were clean of any embedded grime, leaving me with skin that looked naturally luminous. A little gem of a face scrub!

Sound great? Buy yours here: Green & Spring Skincare Deep Face Scrub £24.00 with FREE worldwide delivery

Green & Spring Gentle Face Refiner – Tested by #LFOri

There is something inevitably appealing about the sentence: ‘Home grown British organic ingredients’… So when I was offered the opportunity to try one of Green & Spring’s exclusive blends, I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands (and face!) on the product.

The first thing that struck me about Green & Spring Gentle Face Refiner was the musky nostalgic scent – I couldn’t put my finger on what it reminded me of but the fresh cucumber, lavender and bilberry fragrance took me to a happy place. The luxury complex of botanicals and essential oils swept away any dead skin cells, making my complexion feel less tired, and look more youthful. Uniquely, I found that this wasn’t a product that you needed to use consistently to notice a different, the results were instant; glowing with goodness!

Sound great? Buy yours here: Green & Spring Gentle Face Refiner £38.00 with FREE worldwide delivery

Green & Spring Skincare Reviving Face Mask – Tested by #LFLauren

The Green & Spring Skincare Reviving Face Mask gave me the perfect opportunity for a well overdue pampering treat! I’m not usually one for using a mask, but I can definitely say that after using this one I am converted. Its light texture was a welcome surprise as often I find masks too heavy, but definitely not this one. My skin felt positively glowing after just one use.

Sound great? Buy yours here: Green & Spring Skincare Reviving Face Mask £32.00 with FREE worldwide delivery

Green & Spring Restoring Face Serum – Tested by me (#LFAnnaP)

In desperate need of some revitalisation after a good few weeks of over indulgence, the Green & Spring Restoring Face Serum seemed like the right product for me to try. Rich but easily absorbed, I could feel the difference in how hydrated my skin felt after one use. But, what I liked most about this product was the scent. Packed with rose, chamomile, and geranium, it calmed and relaxed me, and made my bedroom smell like a spa! I pop this on every night after cleansing and wake up with smooth, clear skin and feeling like I’ve had a good night’s rest!

Sound great? Buy yours here: Green & Spring Restoring Face Serum £38.00 with FREE worldwide delivery

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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