An interview with Emma Tillman, Estée Lauder UK Pro Makeup Artist

An interview with Emma Tillman, Estée Lauder UK Pro Makeup Artist

To celebrate the first month of our #IAmFantastic campaign relaunch, we sat down with Emma Tillman, Estée Lauder’s UK Pro Makeup Artist and our very own Beauty Set member, Emma Jenkins for a chat on all things beauty and career related.

What has been your career highlight at Estée Lauder?

“The defining moment of my career was being made UK Pro Artist a couple of years ago. It’s been thirteen years in the making a took a lot of hard work but it has been so so worth it”

What’s the best part about being a makeup artist?

‘Learning to do my makeup and learning to do it well is something that makes me feel more confident and that’s something I love teaching to other people.”

Where does your inspiration come from?

“I’ve never trained in makeup, I’m completely self-taught, I didn’t go to beauty school which I think people automatically assume I did. Start at the bottom and just pick things up.”

Any tips?

Just have a go, just go for it!”



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