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Clinique Moisture Surge Range

Clinique Moisture Surge Range

The Clinique Moisture Surge range is a total lifesaver for anyone who struggles with parched skin. They have thought of everything, from the usual day creams to hydrating makeup and mists, so you can relieve dryness and dehydration anytime you need.

We’re breaking down the range and giving you some insider tips on how to make the most of them.

  1. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
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    Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

    The everyday cream.

    This is one of Clinique’s top sellers and it is no surprise. It has a texture that is halfway between a gel and cream, which makes it feel incredibly soothing and comfortable on the skin.

    Meant to provide hydration for up to 24 hours, this is ideal for everyday use in your morning routine. Perfect for any skin type, it sinks in quickly and helps banish flakes, tightness and fine lines.

    Top tip: Thanks to the texture, you can also tap it on over makeup for an extra hydration boost in the day if you need it.

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    Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

    The hydration booster.

    Again with a cream gel texture, this has intensive ingredients which help boost the skin’s moisture barrier. This helps keep moisture in and environmental irritants from things like

    This can be paired with the Extended Thirst Relief if you’re in need of extra moisture, or used alone for dryer skin types.

    Top Tip: This is an ideal companion on planes, where skin can be really dehydrated thanks to air conditioning. Apply a thin layer over a bare face and you’ll land with glowing skin.

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  3. Moisture Surge CC Cream
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    Moisture Surge CC Cream

    The skin corrector.

    Dry skin can be a nightmare with makeup, but this helps solve those problems. Available in 7 shades, this CC cream works to correct your skin tone, counteracting redness, dullness or sallow tones.

    With an oil-free formula and SPF 30, as well as instant hydration, this makes an ideal skin perfecting base for your every day makeup.

    Top tip: Customise your coverage- spot apply to just dull or red areas, wear it alone over your moisturiser, or use it as a base for foundation.

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  4. Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
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    Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

    The intense moisture booster.

    Sometimes our skin needs a bit of extra help to feel plump, soft and hydrated. This mask is ideal for helping you wake up with radiant skin.

    Just complete your usual evening skincare routine before applying a layer of the mask all over the face and neck. It will sink in and nourish your skin as you sleep, ready to rinse off any residue in the morning.

    Top Tip: The eyes often suffer the most from dehydration and this overnight treatment is safe to use on the eye area too, so you don’t need a separate eye cream at night.

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  5. Moisture Surge Face Spray
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    Moisture Surge Face Spray

    The on-the-go moisture top up.

    Face sprays are becoming more and more popular and it is no surprise. Nothing feels nicer or more luxurious on the skin than a hydrating spray.

    The Moisture Surge spray contains active aloe which cools and soothes, quickly hydrating for  soft, comfortable skin.

    Top Tip: We like to use this to set our makeup in the morning. It takes away any powderiness for a radiant finish.

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New to Clinique? Discover more about the brand and find out how the products fit perfectly for your skin type.



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