Discover the new face mask to relieve stressed out skin

Discover the new face mask to relieve stressed out skin

One of the biggest trends in beauty this year is a focus on the health of our skin, as well as our emotional wellbeing. Darphin’s newest launch, the Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Face Mask, combines incredible skin health benefits with their unique blend of essential oils, to deliver a product that benefits your complexion as much as your mood.

Your skin barrier is strengthened, skin feels soothed, supple, rested and naturally glowing while the calming aroma helps detox from feelings of stress.

Darphin at a glance…

A cult name in their homeland of France, Darphin is a Parisian skincare brand that was founded in 1958 by Pierre Darphin. Since then, the brand has grown from strength to strength both at home and internationally to become one of the leading spa and skincare brands globally.

Each product combines the brand’s skin health expertise with unique blends of essential oils to benefit both your mind and complexion. Made with natural essences and botanical extracts, the products help to calm, purify and revitalise tired complexions for a beautiful and healthy finish.

The Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask

Through daily stresses and aggressors, skin can become inflamed, break out and visibly damaged, which can be difficult to remedy when you are in a constant state of emotional and physical stress.

Newly launched is the Darpin Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask, which helps to reduce the impact of these daily stresses. Made from 99% natural ingredients, it’s a unique face mask combining Vetiver, Geranium and French Lavender which helps to prevent dehydration and environmental damage.

  • Vetiver – Super nourishing and hydrating, this essential oil is perfect for restoring balance in tired complexions.
  • Geranium – Known for its  anti-anxiety properties, geranium can help to relieve mild acne and reduce emotional fatigue.
  • French Lavender – Calming and soothing on both the skin and mind, lavender is wonderful at reducing irritation and inflammation.

How do I use it?

  1. Apply the gel formulation onto your complexion in a thick layer.
  2. Leave on for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse with warm water as it transforms into a lightweight milk that washes away all toxins.

Discover more about why stress has such a negative impact on the skin, and what you can do to remedy it.



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