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Introducing ESPA Skincare

Introducing ESPA Skincare
Team LF
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Founded 25 years ago by natural skincare enthusiast Susan Harmsworth, today ESPA is one of the world's leading spa and luxury beauty brands.

Guided by the belief that our holistic well-being is essential for healthy skin, ESPA believe that the mind, body and skin need to work in harmony with each-other for natural beauty and inner-calm.

Modern life demands instant everything – and that’s rarely good for you in the long term - Susan Harmsworth

What is the ESPA Philosophy?

ESPA are guided by a holistic philosophy, caring for your whole well-being.

ESPA is very much about achieving a balanced state of mind and body, as it is about attaining beautiful skin. With modern-day life affecting both our physical and mental states, it is a brand ahead of its time in its desire to bring everything back into balance and achieve a renewed sense of inner calm.

Their Origins

As one of the first spa brands to combine both natural actives with a scientific approach, all ESPA products are designed to achieve optimal skin health.

They are the world's chosen spa brand for beautifully-designed products and luxurious treatments.

Their Expertise

ESPA work with some of the world's leading dermatologists, aromatherapists and biochemists to better understand how ingredients and natural extracts affect our skin and holistic well-being.

Housed in the best spas across the world, the brand's therapists perform over 5 million treatments each and every year, helping people to achieve natural beauty and inner calm.

Their Products

The brands unique Tri-Active Technology™  is a blend of plant, marine and aromatherapy actives, which when combined together help to care as much for the skin below the surface, as it does on top. This means that not only are you able to see visible results quickly, your skin health is cared for in the long-term.

Read more about what makes Tri-Active Technology so very special here.

Created with an average of 98-100% natural ingredient-blend, ESPA face and bodycare products work to give you naturally beautiful skin.

What ESPA don't use...

ESPA don't use harmful chemical nasties or ingredients that could damage your skin's natural health. These include parabens, mineral oil, silicones, sulphates, and synthetic colour and fragrance.

What are the ESPA Bestselling Products?

  1. Balancing Foam Cleanser - This silky cleansing foam contains no SLS or stripping ingredients, and instead nourishes the skin as it cleanses and energises. Infused with Organic Mandarin, the cleanser gets it foam from Yucca and Coconut Extracts, which are also excellent hydrating ingredients
  2. Optimal Skin ProSerum - One of the brand's hero products, and suitable for all skin types, this beautiful golden elixir contains both Echium and Sunflower Concentrate, which are rich in Omegas 3,6, and 9 to help strengthen the skin's elasticity and moisture levels.
  3. Purifying Shampoo - Free from traditional haircare chemicals, the ESPA Purifying Shampoo contains a trio of oils including Coconut, Jojoba and Olive to gently cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture. The result is naturally beautiful locks, that radiates with health and vitality.

The health of the skin comes from within, there’s only so much you can do topically. So I’m very conscious when we’re formulating products that, while you can see immediate results, underlying it are ingredients that are working on the structure and health of the skin for the long-term - Susan Harmsworth

Team LF
Writer and expert
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