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Celebrating the fearless and the outspoken has always been important to MAC. Continually pushing boundaries with looks and products that encourage creativity and diversity, MAC have truly paved the way in the industry for celebrating beauty in all forms.

VIVA GLAM is at the heart of MAC’s commitment to celebrating such fearlessness and outspokenness. In 1994, MAC founders Frank Angelo and Frank Toscan made a bold statement and hoped to truly make a difference with the creation of the first VIVA GLAM lipstick.

In supporting those affected by the AIDS pandemic of the early nineties, MAC raised funds for those affected by HIV/AIDS which devastated the fashion makeup community that inspired the brand.

VIVA GLAM was formed to celebrate life and the outspoken nature of MAC, all whilst raising money for a cause close to the brand’s heart.

Since its formation, MAC VIVA GLAM has raised over $470million for the MAC AIDS Fund.

The MAC AIDS Fund is now a global leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS, supporting organisations across the world to improve the lives of people living with and affected by AIDS. Striving to make a real difference, the sentiment of the MAC AIDS Fund is no different now in 2018 than it was at its formation over twenty years ago.

Making a difference, one VIVA GLAM at a time

Such a commitment to creativity and outspokenness has led MAC to collaborate with some of the most provocative, influential and alternative people in the world. Each VIVA GLAM spokesperson embodies creativity, they are people who have invented themselves and created movements.

Each spokesperson works with MAC to create a unique, bold lipstick shade. The sale of each lipstick directly helps those affected by HIV/AIDS.

From iconic collaborations with innovators like RuPaul and Lady Gaga, each VIVA GLAM launch is met with much anticipation.

MAC x Sia

Continuing to push boundaries and champion creativity, MAC’s latest VIVA GLAM collection is in collaboration with Sia. Her avant-garde style and exhilarating vocals have stretched pop’s artistic boundaries, reflecting the need for truly creative, innovative art in the world.

A perfect spokeswoman for VIVA GLAM, Sia has inspired countless fans to raise their own voices, to be creative without limits and not to shy away from pushing boundaries.

Sia’s contribution to the VIVA GLAM lipstick arsenal is a warm, vivid red – loud and unapologetically bold. Reflective of her daring and creative artistic style.

The full RRP less VAT from the sale of a VIVA GLAM Lipstick goes towards helping people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The perfect red lip with MAC x Sia VIVA GLAM

  1. The first step to the perfect red lip is a lip primer. The MAC Prep + Prime Lip is a conditioning balmy primer which nourishes and smoothes the lips for perfect application. Enriched with antioxidants and emollients, the Prep + Prime Lip retexturises the lips and reduces lipstick feathering, helping your lipstick stay in place for longer.
  2. Line your lips with the MAC Lip Pencil in the shade 'Cherry'. To create the illusion of a fuller pout, slightly overdraw the lines of your lips for a full, plump lip.
  3. Apply the MAC x Sia VIVA GLAM Lipstick onto your lips straight from the bullet. The rich velvet-matte formula is so richy pigmented that you will only need one coat.
  4. For an ultra-clean lip, carve out the contours of your lips with the MAC Waterweight Concealer using a small, flat synthetic brush such as the MAC 248 brush.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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