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Skincare Trend Predictions 2024

Skincare Trend Predictions 2024
Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor2 months ago
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From overnight beauty to on-the-go formats, discover the 2024 skincare trends you need on your radar, designed to upgrade any routine.

Skincare Trend Predictions 2024

Skincare to Go

The ever-evolving skincare narrative gets a self-care upgrade, this time making a fashion statement as under-eye masks redefine skincare on-the-go. The latest trend - coined by Gen Z - transitions from the popular pimple patches of 2023, creating a win-win solution in portable pampering with under-eye masks worn as fashion accessories.

With #EyeMasks totalling 56.5M views on TikTok, the de-puffing benefits coupled with statement, playful designs increase their appeal as a fashion accessory and aspirational beauty product. Taking eye masks from relaxing pamper evenings into everyday errands caters to the fast-paced lifestyles of consumers. The skin-saving masks help to revive tired eyes, promoting a healthy glow and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s no wonder we’re coordinating our complexion to our clothes!

Editor's Picks:

Derma Skin

We’re all looking for more from our skincare in 2024, with regular, run-of-the-mill formulas no longer cutting it in our everyday routines. Backed by science and packed with efficacious ingredients, dermatological skincare draws from the expertise of trusted professionals to ensure quality formulas that stand the test of time, enabling skincare novices to <<really>> understand their skin and the products that work with it.

Dermatological skincare creates a space for consumers to discover results-driven, medically-backed products that go above and beyond for our complexions, powered by innovative technologies that meet the demands of common skincare concerns: from dark spots and pigmentation to dry, flaky skin.

Aruj Javid, Group Pharmacist at LOOKFANTASTIC, says, "Dermatological skincare allows consumers to trust brands in providing targeted solutions that not only address their concerns, but also educate on skin-supporting ingredients and ways to adapt their routine according to their skin type. Familiarity with skincare terms such as ‘skin barrier’ has led to the popularity of soothing skincare formulations such as the Cicaplast balm B5 from brands such as La Roche-Posay. Expanding into 2024, consumers will continue to seek out brands backed by medical professionals and follow skincare trends - like the recent skin cycling trend - on educational platforms.”

Pharmacist's Picks:

Beauty Sleep

The secret to waking up and feeling fantastic starts with the night before. Treatments and formulas specially designed for overnight use allows you to reap the rewards with minimal effort, perfect for consumers with time-pressed lifestyles.

With many of our body's restorative qualities taking place through the night, this time is crucial for repairing any damage caused by environmental aggressors throughout the day. From overnight serums that reveal a brighter complexion to leave-on masks that work overtime to hydrate your skin, such products target specific concerns with the help of potent formulas better put to work whilst you sleep. Overnight skincare allows your complexion more time to absorb key ingredients, leveraging the natural healing process whilst you rest to better combat signs of dryness, fine lines and stress. Not only is your evening skincare routine simplified, but you’ll also wake up to a happier, healthier visage with results that are guaranteed to make you feel brand new.

Editor's Pick:

Ingredient in Focus: Glycerin

Known for its hydrating, moisturising and conditioning properties in haircare, glycerin is the unsung hero of the ingredient world. And with #glycerin already racking up over 70M TikTok views, this hydration hero is now set to dominate the skincare space. The ingredient is a humectant that works to draw moisture back into the skin, increasing water volume to the microbiome to create a plumper, firmer appearance. Due to its moisturising benefits, glycerin typically appears in gel or cream formulations. Designed to suit all skin types, including dry and sensitive, it’s an essential for layering into your skincare routine.

Apply to cleansed or damp skin to allow the ingredient to fully absorb moisture into the skin and provide a hydrating base for makeup or skincare.

Editor's Pick:

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