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Day 21 Advent Reveal: Magnitone WipeOut! Makeup Removal Cloth

Day 21 Advent Reveal: Magnitone WipeOut! Makeup Removal Cloth
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Known all over the world for their cleansing brushes that effectively remove all traces of dirt, oil and impurities, the Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth is the perfect pre-cleanser for effectively removing all manner of makeup and excess dirt.

What is the Magnitone WipeOut! Makeup Remover?

The cloth itself is made from a dual-sided microfiber material that removes all your makeup with just a touch of warm water. Magical right?

It doesn't stop there though, as the cloth also works to remove long-wear and oil-based makeup, and even your most durable foundation, including, yes, Double Wear.

It's also brilliant to use on sensitive skin and eyes as it is made from the softest material that won't irritate any existing conditions. As it's chemical and alcohol-free, it's ideal to use on skin types that struggle to use normal makeup remover products as it doesn't require any cleansers or additional cleansing cloths.

Why is double cleansing so important?

Skin, as any organ, needs to breathe but makeup covers and clogs pores. This increases your chances of experiencing breakouts and eventually skin ageing.

Pre cleansing, or double cleansing as known by many, is a beauty technique now adopted by the majority of women thanks to its ability to promote healthier, clarified and more radiant skin.

It works by removing the makeup, dirt, oil and impurities sat on top of the skin's surface, so that your cleanser can do its job properly and actually cleanse your skin, instead of battling its way through layers of cosmetics.

How does the Magnitone WipeOut! work?

When the cloth is wet, the long and soft microfibers grab every single particle of makeup particles and trap them into each one, effectively removing the makeup from the surface of your skin.

The ideal cleansing routine

Magnitone has made cleansing super easy and quick with their incredible set of skincare tools, which give a beautifully flawless and radiant complexion.

Follow the below steps to adjust your skincare routine and wake up your skin...

  1. Wet the Magnitone WipeOut! and remove all makeup. Rinse and leave to dry.
  2. Use your favourite Magnitone facial cleansing device with a natural cleanser to fully remove impurities, dirt and oil and clear out the pores.

 Each pack of Magnitone WipeOut has 2 cloths, which can be both be reused for over 1000 times each, and are machine washable.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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