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Our Top 5 Celebrity Eyebrows

Our Top 5 Celebrity Eyebrows
Team LF
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They're fast becoming the most important part of a woman's makeup regime and with leading cosmetic brands investing big bucks in products tailored to every brow need, we think that their rise to makeup stardom is unstoppable. With the ability to transform any look in seconds, we're huge brow advocates at LFHQ, so much so in fact that we thought we'd round up our favourite brow looks as seen on some of our favourite celebrities!

The Bold One

The undoubted queen of the brow, Cara Delevingne is credited for her incredible resurgence in popular media and for championing 'the bolder the better' aesthetic. In fact her brows are almost as iconic as the lady herself!

The Sleek One

Gigi Hadid proves that you don't have to let your brows run wild in order for them to make a statement. Sleek and put together, her eyebrows are the perfect compliment to her edgy hair and makeup choices here.

The Natural One

The low-maintenance girl's best friend, the natural brow look is perfect if you're stuck for time in the morning. Elizabeth Olsen pulls off the 'tousled yet groomed' brow perfectly and shows us that less really can be more!

The Statement One

If anyone lets their brows do the talking then it's Lily Collins. Unapologetically wild, her eyebrows frame her face perfectly  - we're just jealous that our own over-plucked brows aren't even in the same league!

The Glam One

Love them or hate them, the 'Instagram Brow' is one of the most popular eyebrow looks around. We happen to adore the way Carli's glamourous brows compliment her sultry smoky eye and perfect pout.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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