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Day 22 Advent Reveal: The Tricks For Perfect Brows with High Definition

Day 22 Advent Reveal: The Tricks For Perfect Brows with High Definition
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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We can exclusively reveal that one of the products in your Beauty in Wonderland Advent Calendar is the High Definition Eye and Brow Palette in Foxy.

Having groomed, gorgeous brows is such a beauty staple nowadays but there are a lot of different ways to get those picture perfect brows. We're sharing how you can twist up your usual brow makeup routine, with the experts from High Definition.

Refresh Your Brow Routine

Your brows are such a central feature on your face; when done right they help shape your face, widen the eyes and revitalise your look. It is no surprise then that a lot of us can be a little anxious about plucking or styling our brows ourselves.

The experts at High Definition are known for their ability to transform your brows with their HD Brows treatment. However, thanks to their amazing range of makeup, it is totally possible to achieve results at home yourself.

Watch as their celebrity makeup artist Rachael Keely chats through how to get that salon-worthy finish.

The New Way to do Brows

So many of us are guilty of some accidental over-plucking, as well as making mistakes with shape and length; just 1 extra hair taken away can feel like it has ruined your brows! Rachael's number 1 tip for getting your brows in perfect shape is to switch around how you do your grooming.

Instead of plucking and grooming your brows with bare skin, first do your brow makeup to get your ideal shape and then use that as a guide for tweezing.

This is Rachael's foolproof method. So, with your favourite brow makeup, brush out and fill in your brows to your perfect shape. Then look closely and tweeze out any hairs that are sitting outside of your ideal shape ;it may only be 1 or 2 hairs that need to go.

Do this everyday, checking for new hairs outside of your brow shape (the growth cycles of hairs mean that you're likely to see new ones popping up at different times; that is why sometimes that brow wax can feel very shortlived). After a little bit of time, you'll notice your brows look full, defined and perfected.

It is the perfect way to maintain your brow shape. Why not try it for yourself?

Team LF
Writer and expert
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