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Beauty Gym Bag Essentials

Beauty Gym Bag Essentials
Team LF
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When it comes to the summer months and we start hitting the gyms in preparation for the beach, we need to make sure we have our beauty gym bag essentials on hand. Exercise is great for our skin, bodies and health, but as heat and sweat can wreak havoc and cause breakouts and oily locks, we need to make sure we have the right products on hand to always look our best.

Packing a set of skin, body and hair gym bag essentials therefore is key to maintaining that post exercise glow without any of the sweaty after-effects.

What Beauty Gym Kit do I need?

Mio Smooth Move Body Cream 125ml

You work out your muscles in the gym but what about the skin on your body. How do you look after that? Mio's skin-firming serum smooths, re-texturizes and tightens to whip slack skin back into shape. It’s a workout for your skin.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment 75ml

Pop Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer into your bag for a workout treat for your hair as you exercise. The cream strengthens and increases manageability of your locks, and can be left on your hair as you exercise to reveal gorgeous locks when you've finished.

Elemis S.O.S. Emergency Cream 50ml

Keeping your skin hydrated after any kind of sport is essential to preventing it from becoming dehydrated. It's a gentle moisturising cream that helps to soothe sweaty and stressed out skin, and leave you with a calm and healthy complexion.

Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths

Keep your skin cleansed while you're out and about at the gym with Ole Henriksen's Cleansing Cloths. It's important to wipe away sweat, dirt and impurities after you exercise to prevent your pores from clogging and your skin breaking out. These ones contain Vitamin C to help brighten post-workout complexions.

Mio Body Motivator Revitalising Gel 30ml (Sample)

Mio's Workout Wonder Ball can be rolled over sore and aching joints to relieve muscular pain and leave you feeling relaxed. It contains Horsetail and Arnica to reduce tension and swelling and leaving you feeling raring to go for your next dance class.

invisibobble Hair Tie (3 Pack) - Sweet Clementine

Keep your hair off your face while you workout with Invisibobble's Hair Tie. Due to their unique shape and style, they don't tug at the hair, or cause that annoying "ring" shape when you take them out. Just pop it up for gym class, and take out for date night.

nails inc. Gym and Tonic Cosmetic Bag

Store all your beauty gym bag essentials in a gorgeous matching bag from Nails Inc. The "Gym and Tonic" logo is perfect for throwing in your handbag and recognising it as your exercising beauty bag, and its wipe clean interior is great for keeping it clean.

Lancer Skincare Studio Light Flawless Eye Concealer 9g (Various Shades)

If you're a little tired after a workout, it can show in your eyes, so using a tinted eye cream will help to hide any dark circles and puffiness. This one from Lancer contains Caffeine and an Amino Acid Complex which gives your skin its own mini workout by improving its strength and elasticity.

Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot - 10 Bottles 15ml

Finish your beauty routine with a shot of Collagen from Imedeen's new drink. It helps to boost the texture. elasticity and firmness of your skin, keeping it strong, supple and healthy. What could be a more perfect way to give your skin an internal workout after your exercise routine?
Team LF
Writer and expert
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