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The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare for your 30s

The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare for your 30s
Team LF
Writer and expert8 years ago
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Anti-ageing creams and products are in abundance on the market and the belief that quantity can be more effective is not always the case. I'm going to be breaking down what your anti-ageing skincare needs to do for you in your 30s.

How Skin Ages in your 30s

As your skin ages, it goes through various stages and this means that your skincare also needs to vary over time; the way your skin is ageing in your 30s is completely different to how it will age in 40s and 50s.

Some people will start seeing the first signs of aging in early 30s, where as some might have already noticed signs in their 20s. This is based on your genetics and lifestyle.

However, in your 30s there are a number of common changes to the skin that the right skincare can effectively target. Here is my quick guide around the ageing process and what skincare routine you should be following to make the most of your skin during your 30s.

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Dull Skin

One of the biggest changes you will see during your 30s, is loss of brightness and freshness in your skin.

This is due to the changes in the skin renewal process. As you age, the skins ability to renew slows down, which means that dead skin cells are able to build-up on the skin surface.

To keep skin bright, get in the habit of exfoliating at least twice a week (3-4 times a week if you have dry skin).

Rather than physical scrubs, use an acid exfoliant; products containing Lactic and Glycolic acid are ideal. This helps to promote removal of dead skin cells without drying it out, helping to reveal glowing fresh skin and a more radiant complexion.

Fine Lines around the Eyes

For most women, the first signs of aging will be seen around the eyes as this is where your skin is the most delicate and thin and therefore more prone to damage.

Lines and wrinkles, which can be caused by sun exposure, dehydration or just your genes, are best avoided by prevention and the correct treatment.

Invest a hydrating and nourishing eye cream for the morning and an eye cream based on Retinol for night. Retinol is a great anti-ageing ingredient and also helps to thicken your skin, which will help with reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Be careful with Retinol though; it can cause sun sensitivity so it is best in night creams and should always be used with a good SPF.


Another major concern during your 30s is related to pigmentation and development of brown spotsThese are often a result of exposure to the sun rays (tanning in your teens can be the biggest culprit!).

To keep the skin tone looking even and smooth, you should be thinking about treatment options as well as preventative measures.

To reduce dark spots, products containing Vitamin C can brighten, as well as other ingredients such as Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid can also make a difference.

To keep more issues at bay, make sure you always use a sunscreen to protect the skin from any more UV damage.

Loss of Elasticity

Damage and age can reduce the Collagen production in the skin and this can start to show in your 30s, with skin feeling a little slacker and less taut.

The best way to deal with this is with a good anti-ageing treatment, serum or moisturiser. Anti-ageing products are not a myth and as always the best treatment is consistent use of products that support your skin and keep it hydrated and protected.

Depending on your skin type, find a product that works for you and you are comfortable using daily. Look for products which are Collagen-boosting and repairing while still nourishing for your skin.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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