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Father’s Day Activities

Father’s Day Activities
Team LF
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This Father's Day, make sure you treat your dad to some extra special Father's Day activities that will leave you both smiling.

There are lots of different things you can do and places you can visit to spend the day with your dad and celebrate just how special he is to you. With life going by so quickly, we don't always have long periods of time to spend with our dads, so this one day a year is a great excuse to take him out and catch up on everything you have missed.

3 Of The Best Father's Day Activities

Whatever your dad loves, we have all the activity ideas you will need to let him enjoy his day...

Go For A Manly Afternoon Tea

Traditionally, afternoon tea has been considered a female activity, but nowadays there are many hotels and venues that are offering manly alternatives to finger sandwiches.

  • If you are in London, The Reform Social and Grill in Marylebone serves up Steak Sandwiches and Real Ale Chocolate Cake for a decadent and manly twist on the British Classic.
  • If you are in Manchester, then the Great John Street Hotel delivers a delicious Fish and Chip Skewer and homemade Scotch Egg for an afternoon feast.

Enjoy A Country Walk

You will never have a better catch up with dad than when you go on a walk together and get to chat without any distractions. If you have a dog, take them with you and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, many places up and down the country offer a walk and Sunday Roast for a small price, so you can be sure of a hearty meal when you finish.

The National Trust has some great pub walks you can venture on, which will make for the most lovely of Father's Day's.

Choose A Place And Go

Choose somewhere you have both never been to before in the country and visit it. If it's really far away, why not jump on a train so you can both relax and enjoy the journey together?

  • If you live up North, why not visit the Lake District? They have many cute little restaurants and shops that you can go to and if you're more into the outdoors you can head on a nature trail.
  • If you live in the Midlands, why not treat your dad to a day out in Stratford upon Avon? You can rent a boat on the lake, do some shopping and enjoy a pub lunch in one of Britain's oldest pubs?
  • If you're down in London, and want to do something a bit more lively, why not make a pact to do 5 tourist hotspots across the city? There's loads to choose from, and even if the weather isn't great, there are lots of activities you can do inside.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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