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How to do an At-Home Oxygen Facial

How to do an At-Home Oxygen Facial
Team LF
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Keeping skin healthy and glowing is no easy feat. Pollution, daily stress and environmental aggressors all threaten to attack our glow, and dull down our complexions, which is where an at-home oxygen facial comes into play.

Why is Oxygen good for the Skin?

When it comes to getting that famous "supermodel glow", forget all the superfoods, expensive ingredients and acids, because without one key component, they're all pretty redundant: oxygen.

An essential element in any healthy skincare routine, oxygen will heighten all the other ingredients that that support healthy cell function and radiance; giving you an even stronger, dewier and clearer complexion.

As a naturally healing element, it also helps to restore damaged cells and support collagen production. Not only does this help to reduce inflammation and irritation, but its anti-bacterial properties kill off any impurities that can cause further infection.

While you might be thinking that our skin is exposed to oxygen all day long (and why do we need to add more?); the truth is that the oxygen in the air around us simply isn't good quality enough. Pollution and environmental aggressors now attack our skin as soon as we leave the house, and it's even worse for skin living in busy and urban cities.

In addition, an increase in stress and decrease in sleep and a balanced lifestyle, are all contributing to poorer complexions. This means that a boost of oxygen in your skincare routine is an absolutely essential component that shouldn't be ignored.

A 3-Step Oxygen Facial Routine

Don't be fooled into thinking you just need to use products with "oxygen" or "oxygenating" in their titles.

One of the best ways to boost oxygen levels in the skin is by exercise, so a lengthy, facial workout will tick all your boxes when it comes to getting that glow.

ELEMIS Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

Making time to cleanse your skin thoroughly will not only mean you remove 100% of the makeup, impurities, oil and dirt that have been sitting on your skin all day, but will also mean you're actively working your skin to boost its circulation and oxygen levels.

The ELEMIS Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm is made from a blend of 100% natural oils, which when applied onto the skin melt into a luxuriously rich and balmy texture, which make it perfect for massaging.

  1. Start by massaging the Cleansing Balm in the midsection of your face and cheeks, as this helps to boost circulation. In ancient Chinese medicine, it's believed that when you breakout on the cheeks, it's linked to your lungs and breathing function, so massaging this area helps to boost blood flow and get oxygen pumping around your cells.
  2. Then, massage down the outline of your complexion and around the sides of your face. This is where the lymph nodes sit, so working this area of your face will help to promote lymphatic drainage and rid the skin cells of toxins, thus increasing clarity and a dewy complexion.
  3. Massage the area just underneath the eye bone, which will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  4. Knead the area just under your neck, which most people forget to cleanse. This will help keep your chin and neck free from breakouts and help you relax and ease any tension in that area.

Once you have finished your facial massage, take a warm cleansing cloth and gently remove the Cleansing Balm to leave behind a plumped-up and radiant complexion.

ELEMIS Pro Collagen Marine Mask

The second step in an oxygen facial routine should always be with a mask. This is because a nourishing treatment helps to keep the cells hydrated, which in turn keeps the skin plumped-up and glowing.

The ELEMIS Pro Collagen Marine Mask is infused with a marine element known as PadinaPavonica, any any ingredient found in the ocean is brimming with oxygen-boosting properties.

As a unique Mediterranean Algae, Padina Pavonica is brimming with essential fatty acids and water-attracting molecules, which help to keep the skin super hydrated and glowing. Not only does this mean it helps to stimulate healthy circulation, but its anti-ageing properties mean it keeps the complexion fit and youthful.

ELEMIS Pro Collagen Marine Oxygenating Night Cream

The final step in your routine should be the one enriched with oxygen, as this is what will work overnight to keep your skin healthy.

The ELEMIS Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream has been clinically proven to boost oxygen levels within the skin's cells as you sleep overnight, meaning you wake up with a renewed and glowing complexion. An infusion of Padina Pavonica, Red Coral and Hexapeptide work together to replenish the oxygen that has been lost during the day as a result of pollution and fatigue.

Similarly to the Cleansing Balm routine, take time to massage the cream into your skin in a similar manner; this will help to boost circulation and oxygen levels even more.

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Writer and expert
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