How to be More Productive

How to be More Productive

With a new month just about to arrive, it is always nice to take stock and plan out the weeks ahead. With exams and deadlines looming for many students, and the days at work flying by for us, we thought we would put together some tips that might help you get the most of of the month ahead.

5 Ways to Increase your Productivity

  1. Clear out your to-do list.

    No, we don’t mean ticking everything off. We mean only focusing on essential tasks for each day. Less is more is the mantra for effective to-do lists.

    Have a skim of all your tasks and keep only the ones that are really necessary on your to-do list for each day. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed by tasks and you will stay more focused on what you really need to get done.

  2. Work out your best time

    Some of us are morning people, some of us are night-owls and some of use get odd bursts of energy in the middle of the afternoon! Whenever you tend to work best, plan that into your workload.

    Obviously we can’t all change our work schedules to fit our energy levels, but being aware of when you work best can help you prioritise when you do things. Need to get a gym session in? Decide whether before or after work is better for you. Need to get on with a big project? See whether you make it the priority first thing or settle in for an afternoon.

  3. De-Stress

    When you have a lot on your plate, it can be hard to keep calm. This is when it can be hard to decide what to do and how to tackle your projects.

    To help calm yourself down and relieve stress when things feel a little overwhelming, we have a secret weapon.Try using essential oil treatments like the Origins Peace Of Mind On-The-Spot Relief. Apply to the earlobes and pressure points and breathe deeply to calm your senses. It really does help to soothe stress and fits neatly in your pocket so you can always take a little moment when you need.

  4. Take some time out

    It is easy to think that doing a million things for as long as possible is the best way to get everything done. However, working too hard can leave you demotivated and unproductive,

    Taking a little time out is really important for recharging your batteries so you can come back to a task with full energy and motivation. Whether you spend half an hour giving yourself a manicure, run a bubble bath with something luxurious like the Estée Lauder Pleasures Bath And Shower Gel, or just spend an evening on the sofa; give yourself a break.

  5. Make your space inspiring

    Making where you work into a happy, positive environment can do wonders for your productivity.

    Make your space your own. Whether that be adding some photos and prints. buying notebooks and pens that you love, or just making sure any papers and mess have a tidy place to go, it can make such a difference if you feel happy and inspired where you work. Our favourite way to spruce up our desks? Add some greenery! A plant always brightens up any space.



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