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Male Model Secrets After The Catwalk

Male Model Secrets After The Catwalk
Team LF
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Now that London Fashion Week has ended, we want to show you all of the hints, tips and tricks the male models used to ensure that they always looked camera ready. Being a model is not as easy as it may look; you need to be able to keep calm under pressure, ensure your skin is flawless, your hair style is always fresh and smile gleaming bright. With the help of Lookfantastic, we are letting you in on some of the male model secrets so that you too, are able to look and feel like you've stepped off the catwalk every day.

Top 5 Male Model Secrets

  • 1.NIOD Photography Fluid

    NIOD Photography Fluid
    4.24 Stars 49 Reviews
    This Photography Fluid from NIOD is a lightweight face base that evens out the skin tone and makes your skin appear flawless both on and off the camera. It helps to blur imperfections, and leave your complexion glowing and healthy. If you do suffer from dulling skin or blemishes, and don't want to wear makeup, this is the product for you!
  • 2.Karin Herzog AHA Cream Exfoliator

    Karin Herzog AHA Cream Exfoliator
    4 Stars 2 Reviews
    Your skin is exposed to natural pollutants and other harmful chemicals each and every day, which is why it is very important to keep it protected and cleansed. The AHA Cream Exfoliator by Karin Herzog will help you do just that, leaving you with a brighter complexion, thanks to its blend of natural fruits to gently buff away dead skin cells.
  • 3.American Crew Fiber

    American Crew Fiber
    4.59 Stars 39 Reviews
    We all know that the hairstyle you envisage can be very different to the one you end up with. With the iconic American Crew Fiber, what you want is what you get. Easily moldable, you are able to style your hair exactly as you want to, without worrying about stickiness or oil left behind.
  • 4.Mr Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips

    Mr Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips
    4 Stars 4 Reviews
    There are many little things that can help improve your look and make you appear more camera-ready. One of these is your smile. Having a bright, shining white smile is easily attainable with the Mr Blanc's Express Teeth Whitening Strips. In 14 days you too, can have the much sought after Hollywood smile that you have seen stepping off the catwalk.
  • 5.Versace Dylan Blue Eau De Toilette

    Versace Dylan Blue Eau De Toilette
    5 Stars 1 Reviews
    You might not be able to see a perfume coming down the catwalk as you would see flawless complexions and perfectly-done hair, but it makes all the difference to your overall finish. The Versace Dylan Blue is a blend of Citrus Fruits and Tonka Bean to give a nod to the last remnants of the sunshine whilst also welcoming in the autumn.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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