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The Skincare Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils

The Skincare Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils
Team LF
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Taking time to care for yourself is essential when living in a fast-paced urban environment. Stress, heavy work-load, pollution and emotional fatigue are just some of the factors affecting our balance and well-being, which means taking time to look after ourselves has never been more important. One of the best ways to do this is to harness the powers of aromatherapy and essential oils.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of naturally extracted essences to balance, harmonise and promote inner calm for the mind, body and skin. Natural scents can have a positive impact on our emotional and physical well-being when used in skincare and our beauty routines.

Why are Aromatherapy Oils good for our Mood?

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses, and has the strongest influence on brain activity. When we smell essential oils, they can trigger a change in mood almost instantly. Depending on the individual scent, you can use them to trigger motivation and happiness, or to help you relax and unwind.

Why are they Good for our Skin?

On top of the mood-boosting benefits of aromatherapy, they’re also great at taking care of your skin. The main benefit of aromatherapy oils is their anti-ageing properties. With the ability to hydrate, regenerate and provide the skin with essential nutrients, these all-natural skincare wonders will help you to maintain a youthful complexion with minimal effort and maximum benefits.

As they can help to promote a positive mindset, they can have a great impact on the health and state of our skin. Stress for example, releases a compound called Cortisol in our bodies, which in turn can wreak havoc with other hormones, causing imbalance and disruption. This can lead to breakouts appearing, as well as dry skin and under-eye bags. Reducing this stress therefore can have a huge impact on the health and look of your complexion.

Top 5 Aromatherapy Products

ESPA Soothing Candle

The ESPA Soothing Candle is infused with Myrrh, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood and Frankincense, to help relieve feelings of anxiety and tension.

Once lit, the candle diffuses the delicate scent into any space for complete relaxation and inner calm.

AromaWorks Soulful Room Mist

If you’re unable to burn a candle and need an instant boost, the AromaWorks Soulful Room Mist is the perfect alternative. Boasting a sensual fragrance of Frankincense, Sweet Juniper Berry and Patchouli, it helps to promote a positive mindset and improve your mood. The exotic aroma provides harmony and balance to any room whilst lingering for hours.

Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Cleanser

Made to refresh and brighten the skin, the Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Cleanser is suitable for all skin types. Containing Rose, Jojoba Oil and Geranium, it gently removes impurities for a calm and refreshed complexion. It’s recommended that you use this cleanser within 6 months due to the active ingredients.

ELEMIS Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend

This multi-purpose oil from ELEMIS is suitable for use on hair, nails, scalp and combination skin. Due to the lightweight formula, it absorbs quickly to improve skin hydration and prevent stretch marks. The finest grade Camellia Oil for aromatherapy is used, to help you relax and unwind whilst still maintaining a healthy glow from head to toe.

Chantecaille Magnolia Jasmine and Lily Healing Emulsion

If you suffer with dry, irritated skin then the Healing Emulsion from Chantecaille is the best aromatherapy product for you. With a nourishing blend of essential vitamins and natural botanical ingredients including Japanese Honeysuckle, Siberian Cocklebur Fruit and Purple Nutsedge, it gently hydrates and softens the skin. It also visibly reduces the appearance of redness for a more even skin tone.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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