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The Benefits Of Oranges In Skincare

The Benefits Of Oranges In Skincare
Team LF
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Oranges remind me of waking up to a good breakfast and getting energised for the day. In skincare, they pretty much do a similar job in helping to energise your complexion and prep it for the day ahead.

They are a natural ingredient packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can make a real difference to the health and vibrancy of your complexion.

What are the benefits of oranges in your beauty routine?

At least one of the products in your beauty regime is likely to contain Orange Extract in its ingredients list. It's an extremely popular fruit choice to use in skincare thanks to its brightening and detoxifying properties that leave your complexion glowing, radiant and healthy.

Vitamin C

Oranges are extremely rich in Vitamin C, which helps to even out your skin tone and texture by supporting the production of Collagen. By restoring the elasticity in your skin, your complexion becomes firmer, more taut and wrinkles are banished.

Citric Acid

Another benefit of oranges is that they contain Citric Acid, which thanks to its (acidic!) properties helps to gently unclog blocked pores and dulling skin, and remove the debris from your face. This is great if you are suffering from a hormonal complexion, acne or a sudden breakout.


Oranges are particularly high in Potassium, which is essential to use if you want healthy skin. When ingested, Potassium helps to keep the skin moisturised, but when used topically, it balances the PH of your skin and helps to regulate healthy hydration levels.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is brilliant for the skin, and Oranges are packed full of it. It helps to strengthen the outer dermal layer of your skin, which in turn helps to iron out wrinkles and fine lines and increase the flow of blood to your face, flooding your skin with oxygen and keeping it clear and healthy.

An edit of the best orange-infused beauty products

Team LF
Writer and expert
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