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Which is the best TAN-LUXE product for me?

Which is the best TAN-LUXE product for me?
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TAN-LUXE is undoubtedly one of the chicest tanning brands in the world. From their sleek packaging to their no-fuss yet effective formulas, the brand are built upon the foundation that your tan should be as customisable as your skincare and makeup routine

Who is TAN-LUXE?

Tailor-made self tanning

Using a skincare-led approach to tanning, TAN-LUXE products are non-toxic and cruelty-free to give you a super clean glow without nasty chemicals in sight.

Perfect for both first-time and long-term tanners, all TAN-LUXE products are free from the traditional fake tan smell and leave no streaks or marks behind. Plus, thanks to their colour-free formulations, they don't transfer onto bedding or clothes. Intrigued? Read on to discover their full tanning line-up...

TAN-LUXE Super Glow

The brand's newest addition to their cult tanning line-up, Super Glow is a unique 2-in-1 serum that adds a gorgeous glow while taking care of your skin.

Working to even out the skin tone and counteract redness, it absorbs into the skin immediately after application to soften and blur all imperfections.

Infused with hyaluronic acid, it helps to hydrate the skin and counteract any dehydration, making it a brilliant makeup primer. Packed with nourishing botanicals like cocoa seed butter, it forms a defense barrier over the skin to shield against environmental aggressors and prevent further dehydration and damage.

Apply directly onto the skin and massage in circular motions before following with your favourite moisturiser.


Perfect for first-time tanners worried about their complexion turning orannge, TAN-LUXE's The Face Illuminating Self Tan Drops are the best for achieving a bronze glow with minimal effort.

To be added to your regular serum or moisturiser, the drops are enriched with a blend of hydrating botanicals to nourish the complexion as they tan. Raspberry seed oil and Vitamin E help to moisturise the skin while aloe vera calm redness and irritation.

Plus, they have a handy pipette dispenser that means a no-fuss and completely mess-free application.

The self tanning drops come in 2 shade variations: light/medium and medium/dark, so can be customised based on your invididual skin tone and tanning needs.

For those concerned with ageing, the brand also has The Face Anti-Age Rejuvenating Self-Tan Drops, which are enriched with the same botanical-blend as the original, but also contain a Tri-collagen Booster to plump-up and even out fine lines and wrinkles.

To use, apply 2 drops of The Face into your serum or moisturiser and massage into the skin until fully absorbed.


If you're a first-time tanner or often end up with multiple streaks, you will love TAN-LUXE's The Body Illuminating Self Tan Drops.

Supercharging your moisturiser to deliver a light bronze glow, the drops come in 2 shades: light/medium and medium/dark depending on your skin tone or the colour you want to achieve.

With the same amazing hydrating blend of raspberry seed oil, Vitamin E and aloe vera, The Body is also infused with a Cellutone Complex, which helps to firm and tighten the skin thanks to its caffeine-rich formula.

To use, simply mix 2 drops into your regular moisturiser and massage into the skin. Make sure you wash your hands after use to avoid orange streaks on your palms!

The TAN-LUXE Self Tan Drops glow guide

To use the self-tan drops, follow the below guide to achieve your perfect colour:

  • 2 drops - light, golden glow
  • 4 drops - sun-kissed radiance
  • 8 drops - medium bronze
  • 12 drops - super bronze

TAN-LUXE The Water

One of the brand's bestselling products, The Water is perfect for those who hate the colour of traditional fake tan. As its clear, it doesn't transfer onto bedding or clothes, so you can apply just before bed and then go to sleep without worrying about orange stains come morning time.

The formula itself is super-hydrating and contains the brand's signature raspberry seed oil and aloe vera to soothe and nourish, while Vitamins B, C and E brighten and smooth the skin.

The best part? The Water is infused with Odourlite Fragrance Technology, which means no traditional fake tan smell in sight.

To use, simply spritz all over the skin until it feels completely wet and then blend out with a mitt until it's touch-dry.

TAN-LUXE Hydra Mousse

If you love the fact The Water has no scent or colour but prefer the feel and texture of a mousse, you will love the TAN-LUXE Hydra Mousse.

With the same amazing properties as The Water, including the hydrating botanical blend, the Hydra Mousse is a lightly-whipped formula that melts into the skin upon application.

It dries super quickly too and doesn't feel sticky whatsoever, making this a great choice for anyone who hates the feel of traditional tanning foams that take hours to fully absorb.

We recommend using a tanning mitt to apply to ensure an even and streak-free application.

TAN-LUXE Wonder Oil

This is perhaps one of the most innovative tanning products on the market at the moment, and we're so excited to tell you all about it.

TAN LUXE's Wonder Oil is a unique rollerball, which means you roll the tan straight onto the skin using the cooling applicator for a completely mess and waste-free application.

The oil-based formulation is enriched with 6 plant and omega oils to hydrate the skin and keep the tan from cracking or fading unevenly when it fades.

We love to use this on a pamper night as the luxurious oil makes it feel like a spa experience. As it is an oil however, make sure you use this when you have a little more time for it to sink into the skin.

To use, roll all over the skin and then blend in around the ankles and feet using your hands.

TAN-LUXE Sleep Oil

More skincare than instant tan, the TAN-LUXE Sleep Oil is perfect for those wanting to rejuvenate and brighten their complexion.

The brand themselves descrive it as "8 hours of beauty sleep in a bottle" as it contains a blend of 6 plant oils that work to nourish and boost radiance. It does gradually tan the skin too, so is perfect for those wanting to improve skin tone and clarity whilst also adding a light golden glow.

Despite its oil-based formula, it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin and melts in straightaway. Expect beautifully well-rested and glowing skin when you wake up!

To use, apply directly to the skin after all other steps in your routine and head straight to bed.

TAN-LUXE The Butter

If your skin is feeling a little dehydated and looking lacklustre, you need The Butter in your bodycare routine.

Infused with raspberry seed, oat and coconut oils, the rich moisturiser feels incredibly luxurious when applied to quench your skin's thirst. Perfect for beginners, as it hydrates, it also builds a light, golden glow that looks beautifully natural.

The best part about this product however is that it can be built-up to your desired shade without ever looking orange or streaky thanks to its super nourishing formula.

Apply as you would a normal moisturiser and let it sink in before applying clothes on top.

TAN-LUXE The Gradual

If you want a lightweight body moisturiser that also builds up your natural tan, then you will love TAN-LUXE's The Gradual.

Absorbing into the skin upon application, the moisturiser leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth without a hint of fake tan smell in sight.

It can also be used as the perfect primer for a deeper tan, as it helps create an even base for mousses, butters, drops and waters.

TAN-LUXE Instant Hero

Need an instant tan for an unexpected occasion or night out? You will love the TAN-LUXE Instant Hero.

Drying in seconds, it immediately events out the appearance of marks, veins, bruises, redness and imperfections to make the skin appear flawless. Providing up to 24 hours of completely full coverage, the tan also illuminates the skin so it has a gorgeous golden glow.

To apply, use the integrated sponge and blend into the skin using circular motions. The best part? It won't transfer or stain clothes, so you can apply just before leaving for an event. When you want to remove the next day, simply use your regular shower gel and water.

Enjoy this? Try our best gradual tan or best fake tan for pale skin guides.

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