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The best dupes of your favourite discontinued products

The best dupes of your favourite discontinued products
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Do you consider yourself a beauty product fanatic? Then there’s no doubt you’ve felt the keen sting of a discontinued staple in your makeup or skincare routine in your lifetime. Almost with no warning, the product you’ve used daily for the last 10 years is uprooted and sentenced to life in the beauty graveyard. 

But though those products are gone, they’re by no means forgotten. In fact, as you’re reading, I bet a particular case springs to mind – for me, it’s the Bourjois Paris Pinceau Liner, the ultimate, black-as-night formula with a flexible, fine-tip applicator that enabled the cleanest winged liner I ever did see. Although I’m yet to find a reliable dupe for this next-level eyeliner, all the nostalgia has sparked an interesting idea here with Team LF. 

So, if you’re bitter about your ride-or-die product being plucked from the beauty shelves, never to be seen again – we’ve got your back! We’ve rounded up our favourite beauty dupes to help fill the void left by your cult-classic, throwback formulas:

1) DISCONTINUED: NYX Dark Circle Concealer 

When it comes to dark circles, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The NYX Dark Circle Concealer was a real fan favourite the peach-toned corrector worked to disguise the look of dark or purple rings, leaving under-eyes looking bright and fresh.

NYX Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer (Discontinued)

DUPE 1: NYX Professional Makeup 3C Palette

We’ve scoured our site for similar formulas and have managed to find two similar products to help diminish your dark circle needs. The NYX Professional Makeup 3C Palette is here to resolve a whole host of colour-corrective issues, featuring 6 balancing shades: 

Yellow – camouflages dark circles and dark spots

Green – counteracts redness

Lavender – counteracts sallowness

Peach – neutralises dark circles and brightens the skin 

DUPE 2: Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a single-shade alternative, Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Corrector in ‘Dark Peach’ delivers a swipe of neutralising colour to your under-eyes, helping to minimise the look of dark circles while illuminating your contour.

2) DISCONTINUED: Becca Under Eye Brightener 

When Becca announced it was shutting its doors for good in 2021, the news saddened many beauty buffs. Customers were clutching the Under Eye Brightener tighter than ever, anticipating the day the formula would become just another loved-and-lost product.

Becca Under-Eye Brightener (Discontinued)

DUPE: Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Under-Eye Corrector

Luckily, Makeup Revolution’s Eye Bright Under-Eye Corrector is on-hand to save the day – a lightweight corrector to help awaken tired-looking eyes. The clever formula features light-reflecting pigments and castor seed oil to help smooth and brighten dark under-eyes, and is a fairly reliable stand-in for the Becca formula.

3) DISCONTINUED: Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter 

Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter (Discontinued)

Another Becca beauty staple bites the dust. The Champagne Pop Highlighter gained cult status in many a makeup bag, known for its smooth, shimmery formula and natural-looking coverage.

DUPE: wet n' wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

If you’ve never really gotten over the betrayal of this one, the wet n' wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder might be the next best thing. It gives an instant holographic glow, powered by shimmery pigment for a golden, pearlescent finish.

4) DISCONTINUED: benefit Zings Eyebrow Kit 

Leaders of the brow game, benefit is no stranger to a quality eyebrow palette. The Zings Eyebrow Kit stars two pans – one powder and one waxy formula to shape, define and set your brows at a moment's notice. Covering all your bases, the palette even arrived with two brow brushes and a pair of portable tweezers – what more could you want?! Well, ideally, you want to be able to purchase the product you know and love.

benefit Zings Eyebrow Kit (Discontinued)

Luckily, Sleek MakeUP offer an alternative that’s, uh, pretty similar to the benefit model. The Brow Kit holds wax and powder formulas, plus a handy mirror, allowing you to perfect your arches, whether at home or across the globe!

DUPE: Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit

5) DISCONTINUED: Lancôme Juicy Tubes 

Let us guess… this is the product that kickstarted your beauty obsession way back when?! Or at the very least, it’s the one that tipped it over the edge? Lancôme Juicy Tubes were THE handbag staple, and one of the most sought-after products this side of the Millennium. Juicy Tubes were the icon – the blueprint – and we’ve looked far and wide for an LF alternative.

Lancôme Juicy Tubes (Discontinued)

DUPE: NYX Cosmetics This Is Juice Gloss

Brand new from NYX, This Is Juice Gloss laces lips with dewy colour, utilising five electrolytes and smoothing oils to nourish and hydrate. The lip gloss is available in a range of fruity shades, delivering a juicy pop of pigment for an instant 00s throwback.  


Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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