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The Best Tips For Glowing Skin With Dermalogica

The Best Tips For Glowing Skin With Dermalogica
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When it comes to trusted skincare, Dermalogica is one of the best names in the industry. Although the brand is free from chemical nasties such as artificial fragrance and parabens, the products position themselves very much in the science and research arena.

Why choose Dermalogica?

Dermalogica is a great brand to choose, no matter what skin type you have. When the brand began in 1986, the aim was to create skincare products without the use of common irritants present in so many brands at the time. These included alcohol, lanolin and artificial fragrance, which were known to irritate certain skin types. The result was a range of products that could be used on every skin type, from oily and acne prone, to sensitive, dry, combination and normal.

Today, the brand have many concept stores around the world, where you can receive a Dermalogica facial, guaranteed to change the way you feel about your skin. For everyday wear however, the brand has an exclusive regime for each skin type, designed to work in synergy with your skin and give you your healthiest and most radiant complexion.

How to use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

The Daily Microfoliant is one of the brand's bestselling products thanks to its unique formulation. Made from a combination of Rice Enzyme Powder, Grapefruit and Salicylic Acid, it works to remove dead skin cells and dulling debris on the surface to leave you with a renewed and rejuvenated complexion.

  1. Mix the Daily Microfoliant with water until you have a soft, foamy consistency.
  2. Massage into the skin until you feel the foam start to go slightly tacky.
  3. Rinse away with water and then apply moisturiser as usual.
  4. Use once a day for the best results.

10 Best Tips For Glowing Skin with Sally Penford, Dermalogica Education Manager

We caught up with Sally Penford, Dermalogica's Education Manager for the UK and Ireland, to pick her brain about the best tips for glowing skin we can take with us into the summer months.

Dermalogica, Sally Penford

Q What does “barefaced” beauty mean to you?
Our belief at Dermalogica is that the word beauty is subjective and can indeed be marginalising. We rather aspire to helping people achieve a healthy skin that is radiant and glowing.
Q How can someone feel confident without wearing makeup?
Skin comes in all different shades: with blemishes and without, with lines and without. Our skin is a record of our history and who we are so we should always feel good in our own skin. With a simple skincare routine however, we can support the skin to be its best self. An essential regimen should include thorough cleansing, regular exfoliation and layering of hydrating and protecting products daily. This will provide a radiant skin that is clean and hydrated always.
Q What are your top tips for acneic skin?
Interestingly an oil based first cleanse, such as PreCleanse, is great for oily, congested skins. It sounds counterintuitive but an oil will stick to and remove the dirt and debris from the skin, allowing a medicated wash to get in a treat the skin at a deeper level. A medicated face wash with Salicylic Acid, such as Clearing Skin Wash will clear  the pores of acne causing bacteria and mop up excess oil. A mistake often made by people with spots and oiliness is not to moisturise. The skin may not lack oil but if we don’t hydrate and boost the moisture content we land up more oily and congested as the skin doesn’t function effectively when dehydrated. Look for oil free hydrating lotions, such as Active Moist, to ensure skin is balanced and protected.
Q What are your top tips for lack of radiance?
Dull skin can be instantly boosted with exfoliation. Removing dry dead skin cells and replenishing skin with a nourishing masque can have skin looking radiant in as little as 10 minutes. Look for gentle exfoliants with added skin brighteners, such as Daily Microfoliant, and follow with a generous layer of a vitamin packed masque for a quick pick me up. The MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque is a great option.
Q What are your top tips for dehydration and/or dryness?
Often people mistake dehydration for dryness but they need a different product approach. If skin is dry it lacks oil and will usually feel dry over the whole body. If this is you, use nourishing creamy cleansers and heavier oil based moisturisers to improve skin texture. Dehydrated skin lacks water and effects almost all of us due to the dry environment of central heating and air conditioning. To relieve the tight feeling and improve flakiness, add a hydrating booster under your moisturiser. Look for serums containing Hyaluronic Acid, a natural hydrating molecule found in your skin such as our Skin Hydrating Booster.
Q How do you treat pigmentation?
The no.1 trigger for pigmentation is UV exposure, so a minimum of SPF 50 daily is essential. Add a pigment fighting serum with botanical brighteners to your regimen that balances out skin pigment rather than one that bleaches the skin which can cause further damage. Our C-12 Pure Bright Serum and Pure Bright SPF 50 are brilliant to shield the skin.
Q How do you target fine lines?
Fine lines can be due to dehydration and instantly minimised with a good moisturiser or serum. Eyes are an area we tend to see fine lines develop first as this is the thinnest skin on the body. I love eye creams with silicones and vitamins to plump and hydrate this delicate area, such as the MultiVitamin Power Firm. If the lines are due to the ageing process, there are some amazing Retinol containing treatment products that offer an opportunity to turn back the clock! Retinol is one of the few ingredients that has been clinically proven to reverse signs of ageing. Our Overnight Retinol Repair has been proven to help give you back your youthful complexion.
Q What are the top 3 skincare ingredients for optimal skin health?
It’s so hard to only pick 3 but I would say my desert island choices would be SPF to protect against the damage of UV rays, Vitamin A (Retinol) to fight signs of ageing, and Lactic Acid to gently smooth and brighten.
Q How often should we be having makeup free days?
Once or twice a week would be good or just wearing less base makeup on our days off. The most important thing with makeup is that it’s thoroughly removed at the end of the day.
Q What damage does makeup do to our skin?
The key issue with makeup is the clogging of the pores, this can be more of an issue for those with oily or acne prone skins. A lot of makeup contains artificial colours and fillers that not only clog the pores but trigger irritation leading to breakouts. Look for make-up that is described and non-comedogenic to ensure it has no breakout causing ingredients.
Q What healthy makeup alternatives can we use in our beauty routines?
Look for mineral based makeup as a healthy alternative to those containing artificial colours. Use an illuminating Primer as an alternative to foundation or a light tinted moisturiser for a wash of skin colour and a fresh radiant look, such as our Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 and Sheer Tint SPF 20.
Q What are the top 3 cosmetic ingredients we should be avoiding?
Number one must be soap and cleansers with a more alkaline PH. Our skin is acidic in order to protect it from bacteria and the environment, so we should look to maintain this with acid balanced formulas, such as the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. Artificial fragrance or perfume is the number one irritant for sensitive skins so should be completely avoided. Comedogenic ingredients such as artificial colour in tinted products and Isopropyl Myristate found in creams and lotions literally cause congestion and breakouts. Dermalogica was one of the first skincare brands to exclude these common skin irritants when the line was first launched back in 1986.
Q What do you recommend for an instant glowing complexion?
A quick exfoliation with powder based exfoliants in the shower to resurface and remove dulling debris helps to get your glow back! The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Daily Superfoliant are brilliant for renewing dulling complexions. Follow this with a nourishing and replenishing lightweight oil such as the Phyto Replenish Oil. Finish with a tinted moisturiser and illuminating primer for a healthy glowing canvas.
Q What is the best overnight beauty routine to wake up with gorgeous skin?
Thoroughly remove your makeup starting with a cleansing oil followed by a skin specific cleanser. Follow with a gentle resurfacing treatment, and then layer with a treatment oil and nourishing moisturiser. Skin loses a lot of moisture overnight and does most of its regenerating, so look for nighttime products to support this. Our Daily Superfoliant and Overnight Repair Serum are perfect options.
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