How to Choose Your Next Haircut

How to Choose Your Next Haircut

Getting your hair cut can be more of a palaver than you might think. It can be tough to decide whether to stick with a trim or go for a big change. Even if you manage that, then you’re faced with working out what look to go for. No fear, we’re here to help by sharing all our tips for finding your ideal cut and our favourite places for inspiration.

Finding a Haircut to Suit You

If you’re looking to make a change, there are a few things you might want to consider before you go for that cut.

  • Your Face Shape. In theory, some cuts are more flattering for different face shapes. For example, longer faces suit shorter cuts like textured bobs, whilst rounder faces tend to work with longer, layered cuts.
  • Your Hair Type. If your hair is fine and thin, it might struggle with a long cut and need some layers for extra oomph. Too many layers in curly hair might leave your locks frizzy and fluffy though. Work out what your hair needs to look its best.
  • Your Lifestyle. There is absolutely no point going for a cut that doesn’t work for your life. Need to be able to put your hair up at work? Make sure you don’t go for too many layers or lose too much length. Not working with what you need your hair to do can cause far too much stress.
  • The Upkeep. If your cut is going to need a lot of maintenance, either in styling or with salon visits, then make sure you can work with that. Otherwise you’ll feel dissatisfied just a few weeks down the line. Be honest with your stylist about what you have time for or can afford.

None of these are hard and fast rules though. If you love how a cut makes you feel, that should always be your ultimate reason for getting it.

Finding Inspiration

Once you’ve thought about all those factors and decided a rough idea of what you want, then the fun bit comes: finding inspiration!

Not only does gathering inspiration help you refine what you want, it can also be a really great guide for your stylist if you have some images and ideas you can show them. These are our go-to places for finding hairstyle inspiration:

  1. Hair Magazines

    It might seem a little old-school but hair magazines are full of lots of really useful advice.

    Not only are they packed with images, they can be great for getting to grips with some of the more technical terms too, so you can tell your hairdresser exactly what you want. Make sure you know your balayage from your ombre!

  2. Pinterest

    Oh Pinterest. How can we not mention it when we talk about inspiration? It is such an easy way to hunt down images of what you want.

    We totally recommend checking out the boards of some of your favourite brands and people to find a whole host of gorgeous ideas. Lookfantastic’s hair board is a great place to start, even if we do say so ourselves.

  3. Bloggers and Instagram

    We love to browse through the feeds of our favourite ladies to see what styles they’re rocking and whether we want to try them out for ourselves.

    If you’re you’re looking for a starting point, why not check out our #LFAmbassadors? They always inspire us with their latest looks and gorgeous selfies. You’re guaranteed to find #HairInspo without even having to trawl the hashtag!

  4. Street Style and the Catwalk

    Want to get ahead of the trends? Keep an eye on what is happening on the Catwalks and in the Street Style shots.

    Even though the looks can be quite extreme, they can always be adapted to work for an everyday style. So many of the major trends  that we’re seeing right now, like the lob, grey tones and braids are inspired by them. We love checking Coggles for the latest shots from London Fashion Week and Street Style inspiration.


  5. Our Friends and Family

    Sometimes you don’t need to go that far to find inspiration; every friend group, office and family has at least one person who you always look to for the best hair.

    Working in an office full of beauty fanatics we might be spoilt for choice for having inspiration around us but it is one of our favourite ways to get beauty ideas. Imitation is the finest form of flattery after all!

Don’t forget, you can always just browse through all our Hair Styling articles to find inspiration too! We talk about everything from the best products to the latest trends.



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