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17 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict

Team LF
Writer and expert8 years ago
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Are your favourite beauty products displayed as if they were trophies? Is your essential beauty list as long as your leg? – If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a beauty addict. But just to make sure, check out these 17 tell-tale signs to find out whether you are, in fact, a fully-fledged fanatic.

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17 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict

1. When your friends stay over, they only bring clothes because they already know that you have enough toiletries to supply the Lookfantastic warehouse!

2. Your bathroom has turned into a storage cupboard to compensate for your overflowing drawers

3. You don’t understand why some people only use one lipstick

4. You get so excited for the new seasons because a new season = new makeup collections

5. You are forever buying backups of your favourite products just in case they are ever discontinued

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6. The two words ‘limited edition’ send you into a frenzy

7. Your lipstick guess-o-metre is on fire!

8. Setting aside four hours to get ready for a night out is normal for you

9. You no longer know the original colour of your carpet, much to your parent’s dismay!

10. Explaining the benefits of a full skin care routine is a regular occurrence

11. When packing for a trip, your beauty products take priority and if that means only one pair of shoes then so be it!

12. You own more nail varnishes than days of the year, which is totally justifiable because you can wear one a day right?!


13. After a big night out, you NEVER forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise, even at 4am!

14. You know what a blue toned red is

15. When you go camping you take hair straighteners, curlers and a hairdryer in the hope that there will be a plug in the middle of a field. Positive thinking at its finest!

16. You frequently use lip/eye liner as a writing utensil as you seem to have too many of those, but no actual pens

17. Like any beauty addict, you are subscribed to the Lookfantastic Beauty Box

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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