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Beauty Advent Calendar | Day 5

Team LF
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Radiant REN!

This radiance-boosting facemask from REN is a potent elixir of bio active ingredients which work together to decongest skin, rehydrate areas of dryness and repair signs of damage. With one sold every 12 seconds, the REN Radiance Renewal Mask has become a cult favourite in the beauty world. The powerful and effective combination of ingredients dramatically improves overall skin tone and radiance, helping to combat signs of congestion and breakouts by breaking down the dirt and impurities trapped in the skin’s pores.

Open the 5th door of your Beauty Advent Calendar to reveal this skincare saviour!


I have been using this for years. It is amazing and leaves your skin so soft and a real glow. If you buy one mask… buy this! Amazing and does what it says.

Bio Actives

Glycolic, Tartaric, Lactic and Citric Acids – These little miracles work to exfoliate the skin to decongest blocked pores and remove dead skin cells; leaving skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Papain Enzyme – A gentle exfoliant which helps to target congested skin and remove excess product and bacterial build-up.

Omegas’ 3 and 7– Originating from Arctic Blackcurrant Seed Oil, these help to nourish, repair and protect the skin from future damage.

The Verdict

This is my all-time favourite mask to go to! When my skin is feeling tired, dull or congested, just 15 minutes of this mask works miracles! I have quite sensitive skin, so before trying this mask, I worried that the combination of bio active ingredients would be too harsh, but I found that the mask sits perfectly on my skin, and hasn’t caused any signs of redness or damage. When applied, the mask is a beautiful glossy orange and makes you glow, which I absolutely love! It tingles slightly upon contact with the skin, but it isn’t uncomfortable at all, and lets me know that it’s working! The mask comes in a box with a muslin cloth to help you take it off. Using warm water, rinse the cloth and take the mask off using small strokes; making sure to rinse frequently so that you do not spread the impurities that the mask has taken off.

When fully removed, apply a lightweight moisturiser as the mask itself is quite hydrating so you don’t want to clog your pores with a heavy cream. I find it best to apply this mask at night so that my skin can recover and rejuvenate overnight to reveal a glowing complexion in the morning!


I like to massage the mask into the skin when I first apply it, making sure to concentrate on any tell-tale areas of congestion or dryness. This helps the mask to warm up slightly and activate its key ingredients; helping it to penetrate below the surface of the skin and work its magic!

To view the entire REN range, please click here. If you missed out on the Beauty Advent Calendar this year, then don’t worry as you can pre-order the 2016 one hereThe Beauty Box also makes a wonderful present to give to someone you love this Christmas! With a gorgeous range of beauty treats each month, the box is ensure give plenty of smiles all round! Shop here!


Team LF
Writer and expert
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