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Payday Countdown with #LFLoves and Jurlique!

Team LF
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Healthy and Radiant Skin with Jurlique!

So payday is finally here! And here at Look Fantastic, this means treating our skin to lots of healthy goodness!  Jurlique has 30 years of history in producing beautiful skincare which gives incredible results. Their signature roses form the core of all their products. Harvested and produced by Jurlique, the roses give wonderful beauty and aromatherapy benefits that make you look good and feel great.


Jurlique cultivate their own varieties of roses at the Jurlique Farm in Australia, which are then hand-picked, dried and organically stored to ensure each petal maintains their natural properties, goodness and scent. Known for their ability to hydrate and soothe your skin, roses are at the heart of each Jurlique formulation, ensuring that your skin stays nourished and protected.

The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, their iconic product, has been revised into a second, limited edition version called Intense; incorporating the perfect blend of five roses to give the mist a unique and entrancing bouquet.  The mist which can be used several times a day, helps your skin to restore its moisture balance, giving a smooth, soft and supple texture. Perfect as a toner to balance the pH after cleansing, you can also use the mist while out and about to refresh your skin and lift your mood with its aromatic scent! Lightly spray directly on to your face or onto a cotton pad, dabbing onto your face.

All sales from this product also support Jurlique’s own Ideas of Beauty Fund, which helps to empower children and women around the world as well supporting the preservation of our planet.

Another limited edition product to celebrate their 30th anniversary is the brand new version of the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream which has been released as Precious Rose.  The formula which consists of exclusive Pure Rosa Gallica Flower Water and their signature Precious Rose formulation, works to deeply moisturise and restore smoothness in your skin. The cream helps to protect and nurture dry, chapped hands by providing lasting hydration, while enlivening your senses with its beautiful aromatic blend of roses.


Jurlique has also introduced the Limited Edition Love Balm in Rose which has all the great benefits of their original Love Balm with the added blend of roses. The beautiful balm is enriched with Rosa Damascena essential oil, which gives a gorgeous scent and provides long-lasting hydration. The superior skin treatment can be used on any dry skin including lips, cuticles and elbows; helping to add and retain moisture to leave your skin smooth and soft.  Apply to any area that needs a little love and let it work its magic!


Try these beautiful products today and prepare yourself to fall in love! Tag us in all your pictures with #LFHaul, and make sure to let us know what you think.  

Happy Weekend!

- See more at: http://tesseract.gslb.thehut.local/lookfantastic-com/skin-care/payday-countdown-with-lfloves-and-jurlique/#sthash.8xMlLTSL.dpuf

Team LF
Writer and expert
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