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How to Exercise during Pregnancy

How to Exercise during Pregnancy
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Exercise during pregnancy is a hotly-debated topic. Whether you should workout, or should just put your feet up and relax is an age-old question, so we caught up with pregnancy experts, Mama Mio to find out how you can workout in a way that is safe for both you and your baby.

The Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can make you feel heavy and lethargic, so exercise can actually help to counteract these conditions.

Exercising during pregnancy can help to reduce backaches by stretching out your muscles, increase your energy levels by pumping blood around the body, and improve bloating and swelling thanks to blood moving toxins out of your system.

Exercise during pregnancy can also help you to sleep better as it improves your overall mood and helps you to relax in the evening. As pregnancy can disrupt your natural sleep patterns, it's only a good thing to exercise so you can return to your normal slumber regime.

The Best Pregnancy Workouts

Exercise during pregnancy is great, but make sure you follow a safe approach to protect both you and your baby.

It's important to practice gentle exercise routines and workouts such as yoga (not hot yoga), brisk walking, strength training and pilates when you're pregnant. You have to remember that although you may be active, you need to protect your baby. If you are a bit of an exercise bunny when you fall pregnant, chances are that you can continue with your workouts as they are not too high impact, so adjusting your routine is essential.

You should avoid any activities that cause you to jump or bounce around, as this could cause damage to you and your bump, and it's also important to remember that exercising in the heat is an absolute no no. Heat can make anyone feel faint when they exercise, so when you're carrying another human being, you need to exercise in a cool and comfortable environment.

Walking and swimming are also other great forms of exercise during pregnancy as they are gentle and low impact but still allow you to burn calories and feel healthy and fit. Swimming is great as the water helps to take some of the pressure off your bump, so you can get some mild relief if you are far into your pregnancy.

Active Beauty Products

To compliment your workouts, Mama Mio has some great products that work in harmony with your exercise routines to help strengthen your skin and keep it firm throughout your pregnancy.

The Tummy Rub Butter is excellent at helping to keep your skin soft and supple and reduce the effects of stretchmarks, and this summer has been made into a Ginger and Lime limited edition to help ease nausea during pregnancy. Plus, you should always keep their new Lucky legs refreshing spritz on hand during any exercise routine to help keep you cool and refreshed throughout.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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